Wish Lists


Before having kids of our own, our  family (full of younger cousins no where near our age) would often send us around Christmas time, their children’s wish list.  It often detailed gifts that were obviously approved by mom and dad and also, hopefully, what the kids really wanted for Christmas time.  I admit in the beginning to thinking it was quite tacky of them to tell us what to get their kids, but over the years I have come to appreciate that list.  Especially when stuck at the store during the holiday’s with myriads of choices and no clue what to get them.

I also create wish lists, but more as a reference for myself.  I often find myself spotting things through out the year but when the occasion presents itself, I’m stumped.  Thankfully I have my handy wish list on Amazon.com, which now has the universal wish list feature where you can add items from anywhere on the web, to refer to.  Recently a girlfriend of mine admitted to sending family and friends wish lists during birthdays and holidays, even for herself!  She said her whole family does it too.  Now with children of my own, I can appreciate the wish list and its good intentions.  Often I’m being asked what Ava is interested in now, or what does she want or more specifically, what doesn’t she have already.  In discussing why my friend shares a wish list, it really made common sense.

  1. It shows what the child is interested in now
  2. It allows parents a little control in choosing quality options
  3. It allows parents to choose educational options
  4. Often provides a wide range of price points
  5. Ensures there isn’t that, he/she already has it moment (which kids will loudly declare)
  6. Eliminates guessing
  7. Ensures for the most part that the gift will get good use
  8. The gift will be truly appreciated by both the child and parents

You don’t have to get the exact items off the wish list, but it can often guide you to what the child likes such as my little Ava who loves Dora and Hello Kitty, or that she’s ready for a 3-wheeled scooter or even that she’s into engaging dolls in pretend play.

So my take now on wish lists is – GENIUS! Do it!  Sites like Amazon.com and Kaboodle.com make making lists easy.  Another option gift givers shouldn’t shy away from either are GIFT CARDS!  If you notice lots of books on the list, a gift card to Barnes & Noble, Amazon or Borders is more than welcomed I’m sure.  Happy Gift Giving!