What’s in My Diaper Bag? The Essentials Guide by Beech-Nut

My son, let’s refer to him as “Bud”, is 18 months old, so luckily he doesn’t require too much in his diaper bag, but with two working parents’ life is lived on the run. We are lucky that dad’s job allows for Bud to join him at work, which helps tremendously with childcare, but makes for some hectic mornings.

Of course, when listing the contents of a diaper bag you have to start with the essentials:

Diapers: Always pack more than you think you need, because trust me when you don’t have them you will need them. Wipes: Always top off the wipe container, again trust me you can NEVER have enough wipes! Diaper Cream: We are lucky that Bud didn’t inherit his momma’s sensitive skin, so we basically just get whatever is cheapest when we need it. Diaper Disposal Bags: These are multipurpose, we have been known to use them for not only masking the smell of a dirty diaper, but a wet bag for any dirty clothes or bibs that need to come home after changing, and the ever dreaded “barf bag”.

Another must have in my diaper bag is an outfit change. You just never know how much of a mess can be made in a short amount of time, until you see it for yourself.

With life on the go there is a guarantee of food on the go. It makes me feel good to know that if breakfast is on the go we can give Bud Beech-Nut® Oatmeal in Cereal on the Go Pouches, because mom and dad don’t always make the right choice for our on the go breakfast. We also always have Beech-Nut Cereal Puffs (Bud loves their blueberry flavor) or Fruit and Veggie Melties (apple and pumpkin are the personal favorite) in our diaper bag, as well as Quinoa Crispies or Fruity Oat Bars. We absolutely love that Beech-Nut® products have a limited number of ingredients and their products are NON GMO Verified.

No Diaper Bag is complete without a few of Bud’s favorites. We can’t go anywhere without either Daniel Tiger or his “hop hop” bunny. Also as we transition away from bottles Bud loves his spoutless 360° cups.

At different stages and phases of a child’s life the necessities will change, but the one thing that does not is the importance of healthy food and snack options, which is why our diaper bag always has plenty of Beech-Nut® options to choose from! Real food from simple ingredients through all his stages!

{ disclosure: We received samples of Beech-Nut products for our BUD to try. He was already a huge fan making this partnership a no-brainer! As always, all opinions express here are my very own! }