What’s for dinner?!

Walking through my favorite store (Target) on yet another sunday afternoon… I was thrilled to see so many GREEN options… more specifically today… Cutting Boards from Preserve!

With their sexy curved handle for easy food transfer, this 100% recycled plastic made cutting board would fit in perfectly in my kitchen and yours. It comes in four delightful colors – Milk White, Berry Blue, Apple Green, and Ripe Tomato – and two sizes, small (10″ x 8″ ) and large ( 14″ x 11″ ) to fit everyone from a city dweller to a home in the suburbs… What’s more fabulous is once you’re done, you can recycle this #5 plastic again – as their tag line says, “nothing wasted. everything gained!”Spotted right next to the Preserve cutting boards was “The Original Green Pan” – hrmmm…. I said to myself, NOW what is wrong with my pots and pans? This one’s a real doozy too. Traditional non–stick pots and pans are made with PTFE which is manufactured with PFOA. PTFE, PFOA? What does that mean? These two chemicals have a limited heat threshhold before toxic fumes are released. According to the EPA these fumes are considered “a likely human carcinogen” and is often lethal to small pets. Because of our profound love of non-stick, it has been discovered that 95% of us have detectable levels of PFOA in our blood stream, not to mention the most recent (horrifying to me) discovery that PFOA is passed to babies through their mother’s milk. The Original Green Pan is PTFE-free andPFOA-Free, made from Thermolon and is recyclable when its days are over.