What is Chromecast Audio?

Even in the belly, he was dancing to his own beat!

If music is the accompaniment to your life, you’re going to love Google’s Chromecast Audio. What is it? It’s this awesome little device (like 2 inches small!) that plugs into any speaker so you can stream crystal clear music through WiFi! It’s also the sister product to the equally fabulous Google Chromecast.

Wifi vs Bluetooth
Many devices offer both, so why would you choose one over another? It comes down to range and sound quality. Bluetooth has a limited range of about 15-30 feet. Wifi has an extended range of up to 150 feet.  Wifi also uses lossless codec which provides no loss of audio quality making the Chromecast Audio superior in both range and sound.

The Google Home app is your hub for everything Google Chromecast Audio. Super simple to set up with any mobile device – iPhone to iPads, tablets, laptops or their personal favorite, the Chromebook – to stream your entire library or a station on Google Play to any NEW or OLD speaker, anywhere. With nothing more than the included 3.5mm analog stereo patch cable or your own supplied RCA or optical input and a wifi connection, you’re dancing to your own beat.

That’s just the basic.  Thinking beyond the box, one of my favorite uses for the Chromecast Audio is the multi-room feature. Forget those expensive multi-room, super complex sound systems. For a super cheap hack at about $35 each, you can connect your Chromecast Audio to each of your speakers to play the same song in every room.

How to create a multi-room musical experience?
Using the newly revamped Google Home app, available on both iPhone or Android devices, you’ll tap “DEVICES” then “CREATE GROUP”. Name your group and select all the speakers to include and press SAVE. Now you’re ready to host the party of the century!

Music makes him lose control!

Need a little more control, maybe even just one device?
Super easy! Go to “DEVICES” in your Google Home app and select the speaker you’re wanted to jam to and voila! You can even manage the volume as a whole or individually. I’m loving this especially as we negotiate sleep with our toddler. Forget the endless stalling tactics they can and will deploy, from needing cups of water to bathroom breaks and the ever heart string tugging tears and fears. You CAN and WILL stay strong with the Google Chromecast Audio. You can choose from a bevy of stations, one will certainly be the magical station to lull your child into sleep bliss.

We are obsessed with this little 2 inch wonder known as Chromecast Audio. Available at Best Buy for a steal at $35, you can get one for everyone!

Check out this awesome viral video of how music helped this man’s fight with Parkinson’s Disease. Forget walking around with a phone, connect Google’s Chromecast Audio throughout his home and he’ll really be walking on his own!

{ disclosure: I was compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and product. If you know me, I love my cute little gadgets and Google’s Chromecast Audio is just that. As always, all opinions expressed here are my very own. }