What 2 Years does…

Two years ago yesterday, my life changed forever… in a GOOD, wonderful, amazing way. My dreams of being a mother became a reality with the birth of my daughter. So yesterday I could not stop sitting there staring at her, thinking what an amazing kid she is. I still cannot believe it’s been two years since she was born. It seemed like yesterday I was obsessively trying to nurse her, and spending countless hours just staring at her sleeping. Now she walks and talks, smiles and laughs… she’s such a funny kid, so full of life, a bundle of energy. Even in a bad day, after just watching her for a few minutes, you can’t help but smile at her.

This is the conversation I had with her last night as we were getting ready for her bedtime.

Mommy: Happy Birthday, my Ava!
Ava: Happy Birthday to you… (singing the song…)
Mommy: Ava, did you have fun at your birthday party?
Ava shakes her head in an emphatic Yes!
Mommy: Did you get everything you wished for?
Ava again shakes her head in an emphatic Yes!
Mommy: What did you wish for?
Ava: Cake… and Ice Cream… and Chocolate!
Ava: Thank You Daddy! Thank You Mommy!