The standard in prenatal care is of course your regular OB-GYN visits and prenatal vitamins. Ever since I became a Shaklee Independent Distributor and a huge fan of their nutrition products I thought it would be a natural fit to use them instead of my prescription prenatals when I did finally get pregnant. Now that day has arrived, if I haven’t admitted it before, I’m neurotic. So out comes the comparison charts. I compared my Vitalizer to my old prenatals, Optinate. While a majority of the vitamins in Vitalizer came out on top, the ones I considered vital for prenatal care, was lacking, Folic Acid and the new favorite on the prenatal care route, DHA. A call to my OB-GYN to double check that they were prescribing the same prenatal vitamins yielded a new preferred vitamin called Citra Natal 90 DHA. Once again the comparison. Unfortunately that yielded the same results, most vitamins were in higher concentration in Vitalizer except for DHA and Folic Acid. What I didn’t know was that no over the counter vitamins would provide the OB-GYN’s recommended Folic Acid intake of 1mg.
Perhaps its just a getting older thing but taking vitamins has become very important to me. I’m the first to admit we don’t have the healthiest of diets. While I am definitely trying to make a more conscientious effort to eat better by eating fresh fruits, more vegetables, etc., That definitely doesn’t always happen. My mother-in-law is a wonderful cook but I wouldn’t say it’s the healthiest either. So taking vitamin supplements has become increasingly important in our house – everyone from my Mother-in-law who is taking Vitalea Gold with Vitamin K, to my husband’s Vitalizer and even little Ava who is on Shaklee Baby Multivitamin & Multimineral Powder. For me during pregnancy, aside from my usual fears of taking perfect care of my body and baby I’m carrying, I’m also aware of what a toll pregnancy can be on my body. When I say that I have never spent so much money at a dentist than when I was pregnant and the years following, it’s not an exaggeration. I was beginning to think we should all go into dentistry after forking over almost $10,000! Yep, you are seeing TEN thousand dollars, if not more. I know that genetics has a hand in this as well, bad teeth simply run in my family. My sister had gone to the dentist earlier in the year and her diagnosis was 13 cavities – yikes! Which in actuality was way better than my 5 root canals. Seems my teeth has severely weakened during my pregnancy and subsequent months of breastfeeding. My old metal fillings has worn away, creating pits, as well as stress lead gum inflammations. My teeth were a mess! I was determined to do what it took to prevent this teeth breakdown this time around if I could. I would even drink more milk – yuk!
My upline manager was happy to make her recommendations for prenatal care which actually didn’t include the vitalizer in my original comparison. Instead it was still a combination of 6+ pills including Vitalea with Iron, B-Complex, Osteomatrix and Optiflora Pre & Pro-Biotic. Even though it was still very early on in the pregnancy, I was already very nausea. I would do it if it was the best combination, even if it was tough to swallow all those pills.
Unfortunately the vitamin mix did not include DHA which was something I was very keen on. I tried to find a supplement that would provide pure DHA, without the usual EPA included in most over the counter Omega-3 supplements. My research had shown that EPA may not be recommended for infants or small children because they upset the balance between DHA and EPA during early development. Pregnant women should also be cautious about taking fish oil supplements. Most OB-GYN’s avoid these effects by using DHA supplements derived from algae sources, which do not contain EPA. What I didn’t know, according to my pharmacist, pure DHA supplements are prescription only and usually not separate from Prenatal Vitamins. Her suggestion was to stick with the prenatal’s my OB-GYN suggested and speak to him regarding adding supplements. While I haven’t consulted with my OB-GYN yet, I will later on this week, but I’m hoping that a combination of my CitraNatal90DHA and Vitalea with Iron supplements will get the okay from my doctor.

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