Turning my kids’ thumbs Green with MiracleGro!

The kids and I recently trekked in one of nature’s gifts, rain, to check out the latest offerings from MiracleGro at their Urban Gardening Event.  As my loyal readers know, I’ve got a grey thumb.  Many a plants have gone to plant heaven at my hands but a few live a little longer than others mostly in due to MiracleGro and their extensive line of products that makes gardening practically idiot proof!

We absolutely loved the MiracleGro Kids Ready Set Gro Root Viewer.  The kids and I have been looking for ways to keep busy this summer vacation and this kit is chock full of educational value.  The kids will learn all about what it takes to plant a healthy vegetable garden, measure their progress with the Gro-Chart and at the end, eat their very own grown vegetables!  While this product is recommended for 5+, it was perfect for all 3 of my kids to get involved, even my 2 and a half year old!  He loved helping the older ones mix the Gro-Mix and adding spoonful by spoonful of it to the Root Viewer Planter.  Everyone got a chance to plant their own seeds too!  What I love about this kit is that the plant mix is color changing so the kids will know exactly when to water and not to over-water.  MiracleGro Kids Kits are great for introducing children to gardening and involves them in the process.  There are 9 total MiracleGro Kids Kits.  To find out more information on these kits and more, visit www.miraclegrowkidsgardening.com.

One of my favorite products from the showcase was the Miracle-Gro Ultimate Raised Garden Bed.  It comes with (2) 2′ x 2′ x 6″ raised garden beds, perfect for the urban gardener or a gardener who isn’t sure about the health of their soil (like me!).  One of my husband’s key concerns about gardening with the children has been letting them eat the fruits of their labor when our soil is questionable.  When I saw this kit, I was jumping for joy on the inside.  This was perfect for our summer gardening plans!  Not only will my kids be planting their Root Viewer plants but once they outgrow their container, I can transplant them to the Ultimate Raised Garden Bed along with my own personal project, the MiracleGro Culinary Herb Garden.

I was so excited to get this little kit, the MiracleGro Culinary Herb Garden.  I had a tiny small patch of sage that I was growing last year, right by the entrance of our house, right before my husband started to re-point our brick exterior and then started re-waterproofing our foundation.  Needless to say, that plant died a horrific death during the construction.  While the soil there was still questionable, it was for me to eat only and I didn’t really mind as it made for a delicious brown butter sage sauce over butternut squash raviolis.  This year I get to have my own safe little herb garden grown indoors in a NEAT little self-contained package!  Again using the proprietary MiracleGro potting mix and easy-to-plan seed disks, you simply plant the seed disks into the self-contained mini Gro-Bag.  Cover it up with the included see-thru cover and you’ve created your very own mini-greenhouse.  Within a few days you’ll see beginning sprouts of your labor!  At $12.99 retail, it makes a great housewarming gift too!

An absolute must to keep your plants at optimum health is MiracleGros wide range of Plant Foods.  They have everything from single packets, to shake ‘n’ feed continuous release plant food which takes the guesswork out of feeding, to ones that prevent weeds – All Purpose Plant Food plus Weed Preventer to All Purpose Moisture Control.  Of course the ever popular LiquaFeed is still available making feeding as easy as watering.

{ disclaimer: I attended the MiracleGro Urban Gardening Event where my family and I got to preview the upcoming MiracleGro line and speak with gardening experts.  We received a gift bag which included the Root Viewer and Culinary Herb Garden.  As always, all opinions expressed are my own.  My adventures in green thumbing have been well documented. }