Once You Try a Keurig, You’ll Never Look Back! #JustBrewIt

IMG_20140307_065826394_HDRKeurig is a brand name that I’m sure you have all heard by now. I mean, the “Keurig” has become synonymous with an instant cup of something wonderful, be it Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate or even Apple cider.
In my house, we now use our Keurig Elite for a variety of beverages, hot or cold, both for us parents (who function through out our days on multiple cups of Green Mountain Breakfast Blend coffee), and for the kids who request the cold ice teas or hot chocolate regularly. The Keurig has something for everyone.
It is one of my favorite hostess pieces for entertaining.  My guests are always super impressed by the selection of drinks I am offering at our gathering. Everything from Hot Chocolate to Ice Tea, Hazelnut Coffee, to Irish Creme and favorite brands like Dunkin Donuts, Timothy, Tazo Teas and even Starbucks!  I’ve got everyone’s favorite drink request covered.
Apart from all of the different types of drink options that they have, I must say that the best part of having my Keurig is how quickly it can ‘whip up’ a drink at any moment. This is HUGE for me when I am trying to get everyone including myself ready and out of the house on time every morning. In less than 60 seconds, my coffee is always hot and ready for me to enjoy.
I honestly don’t know what I did before I had my Keurig Elite. Well, that’s not entirely true – I would drive to my local coffee shop and buy my coffee on the way to work. Lucky for me, I am now saving so much money now, being able to brew my own gourmet coffees right in my kitchen with almost no effort at all. Even more, I can program my Keurig to brew however much/little coffee or chai tea (my other favorite) I would like to start my day with since it has three cup size options. It is easy to clean, with it’s removable drip tray which also comes in handy when you want to fill up your travel sized mug and lets not forget to mention how sleek it looks resting on my kitchen counter. What I love even more is if I don’t have time in the morning for my cup of joe, my work has me covered with a familiar Keurig machine ready to dole out my favorite morning beverage.  With an MSRP of just $119.99, it is one of the best investments you will ever make. Once you own one for yourself, I’m telling you, you’ll never look back!


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