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There was a time, long ago, before I was in the medical field that any medical talk would leave me flustered and feeling really stupid. I hated feeling like that and thus avoided any conversations that related to science or medicine and even avoiding doctors in general. Of course at some point in your life, you’ll need one and can’t avoid the conversation. Not understanding simple things when a doctor was talking to me and needing to have blind faith that they had my best interest at heart was scary for me. In part I blame my crazy need to be in total control of everything, but the lack of control was paralyzing. I, being the type A person that I am, went on to becoming a nurse and soon to be a nurse practitioner.

You obviously don’t have to be as extreme as me but being an informed patient is so important. You should never be paralyzed by your lack of knowledge and nor should you blindly have faith in your provider.  While they all take the oath to do no harm (the hippocratic oath), we know doctors make mistakes, and the world of medicine changes daily.

On the other side of the fence now, it’s frustrating as a provider when patients google and come to you with non-evidenced based information, misguided information that can really hinder proper and good medical care. I am all for a patient educating and advocating for themselves, after all that’s how I am where I am today, a nurse and soon to be nurse practitioner. Open conversations surrounding a patient’s care is welcomed, especially if they are bringing to the table factual information. In the same manner, I like to be able to refer my patients to a resource that they can trust and understand like the Merck Manual Consumer for Android for iOS.  Merck Manuals have been a trusted source for physicians and pharmacists since 1899. As part of their Global Medical Knowledge 2020 program, their goal is to make the best current medical information accessible by up to three billion professionals and patients around the world by 2020 starting with the Merck Manual Consumer app.

What I love most about this very handy FREE app is that it provides clear, practical explanations for thousands of medical disorders, giving consumers access to credible, easy to understand health information that’s been written, vetted and updated by more than 350 medical professionals. I particularly love their animations and videos that really explain different procedures or disorders. The Merck Manual Consumer app is constantly updated, so whether traveling or in your own community, you and your families are guaranteed to find current medical information with this updated and upgraded app—even when you don’t have internet access! When you’re online, from within the app there are links to a very helpful drug guide that can help identify drug interactions and even identify the pills themselves. Many will also appreciate that you don’t need to register or login for all this information to be available anytime, right at your finger tips!

The Merck Manual Consumer is FREE and available for both Android and iOS.

{ disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Merck. All words and thoughts are always my very own. }