REVIEW & #GIVEAWAY: iHome | Disney Tow Mater Alarm Clock

photoWith a new baby on the way, we’ve been trying hard to make the transition for my little man as easy as possible.  With less than 3 months to go, we realized this was a lot harder than we thought it was going to be.  As many of you know, the little man has been co-sleeping with us since he was born.  It was simply the best solution for my breastfeeding child and our family.  Despite having ended that lovely bond over 6 months ago, we found it hard to take him out of our bed.  It was nice having him to snuggle with.  He is our snuggler, with his arms always seeking us even in sleep, to curling into the crook of my arms.  I sometimes would scratch my head to figure out how he could possibly be comfortable is some of his strange positions to be near us, but he was.  Alas, it was time to make the transition and this was not going to be easy with a fully aware 2.5 year old.

Despite having a beautiful room, built with lots of love, and while he definitely acknowledges to everyone that his room was HIS room, he considered it little more than his playroom.  He had no trouble playing endless hours in there, but when it came time for nap time or bed time, he wanted to be in our bed, with us.

We tried everything from sleeping in bed with him to buying him nightlights and in desperation, even letting him fall asleep in our bed and then transferring him to his room.  Every night at some point, he would crawl right back into our bed.

We needed to do something drastic.  He knew his older sister had no problem sleeping in her own room, and he loved to be as independent as his big sister.  She had her very own alarm radio clock which he loved to turn on while she was away at school.  We would find him dancing a storm up all the time.  In an attempt to mimic her coolness, I came across the Tow Mater Alarm Clock Radio and thought this was way cool.  This was no ordinary alarm clock, it was also a nightlight and entertainment center.  It was an awesome addition to his “BIG BOY” room.  Starting a new routine, “Hey buddy, you need a tow?” he has been listening to an exciting bedtime story from Mater for the past 3 nights and going to bed without a fight,  falling asleep to the soft glow of the nightlight.  In the morning, Mater’s speech and sound effects wakes him up and he isn’t a grumpy mess.  Tow Mater has helped the little mister slowly make the transition to an independent Big Boy.


Congratulations Asher B!

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