Top 5 Medical Apps That Can Save Your Life #VZWBuzz

AllergyEats logoScreen Shot 2012-09-16 at 10.11.23 AMWhat I love about living a mobile world is that I always have my mobile phone with me.  It’s a handy thing to have in an emergency.  While it’s always best to seek professional medical experience,  here are some apps that can help save your life or someone you love’s life until help can arrive

  1. Pocket First Aid & CPR by the American Heart Association is an  iOS and Android app for $1.99.  Very similar to the above app, it is updated with the AHA new guidelines for CPR.  What I love is it holds medical profiles for your entire family, it is handy if you have anyone with extensive medical history. It is also pre-loaded with a ton videos and illustrations.
  2. AroundMe is a FREE (iOS and Android) app that helps you find all sorts of places around you but in particular, it can help locate the nearest hospitals, doctor’s offices and pharmacies.  If you’re traveling or in an emergent situation, it’s a handy app to pull up.
  3. iTriage is a FREE Android or iOS app.  It doesn’t replace a doctor, but you’ll find possible causes, treatments, and nearby medical help for a number of symptoms and ailments.  The app also stores health records for your entire familt.
    Works with: Android, iPhone, iPod
    Price: Free
    Get it at:
  4. Micromedex – One of my most used apps.  This is a handy app for questioning drug dosing and confirming its use.  While it’s geared more towards medical professionals, my husband (not anything medical related) was able to find out what was the appropriate dosing of Benadryl for my child.
  5. ICE Standard is a FREE iOS and Android app, Emergency Standard Card app can store medical history, emergency contacts, medical insurance information, your personal information along with photo of you.

Honorable mentions include the FREE Allergy Eats app iOS or Android which is an awesome app for someone with food allergies.  I’ve written about their amazing website and now you can take it with you on the go.  Eating out can be a dangerous venture, but Allergy Eats has you covered with thier GPS-based app that finds local restaurants that can accomodate your individual allergy needs.  You can also rate and review restaurants as well as see other users reviews as well.

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