The Time Your Daughter called you a Terrible Mother

Yes even at 3 years, the ‘tude was there.

I officially hate 6.  I can’t wait until 7, I hope it gets better.  After an entire day of running errands all things kids, working out details to her birthday party and then shuffling them to tae kwon do, I was deeply hurt when my 6 year old basically called me a terrible mother with a whole lotta attitude to boot.  Picture hand on hips and the all knowing chin raise with the judgemental eyes thrown in.

I fully admit to spouting all sorts of profanity and sending her straight to bed, before bawling my eyes out.  I mean seriously, HOW DARE SHE?!  My husband had to intervene, which of course did not help the situation.  We all know how dads are with their little girls.  He kept telling me to calm down, she’s only 6 and I’m talking to her like she’s an adult.  She doesn’t even know what she’s saying.  (REALLY?!) My argument, well she’s got the 18 year old attitude to go with the Mom’s too busy to pay any attention to a crying Lucas, hand on hip and all.  Then there was the batting of her eyes at Daddy, which set me off completely.  The man barely spends 2 seconds with them on any given day.  He’s the one who goes to the gym, plays softball and pick up games, has boys weekends in AC and I’m the terrible mother because I needed 5 minutes to order her requested party favors, figure out her tennis schedule, see how many extra shifts I needed to work to pay for her party, pay bills and answer a few emails.  ARGH!  Don’t think I didn’t point that out.  My husband’s response?  Why are you bringing me into this fight?  Oh I don’t know.  I just spent an entire day doing things for the kids and am still doing things for them and I’m accused of being a terrible mother while you went to a pick up game of softball and then came home, ate dinner and disappeared into the basement.  I can’t be upset?  Please tell me it gets better at 7?  She may have broken my heart.