This Momma’s Picks at CE Week

As a mom, there is nothing better than getting a targeted, guide to what’s hot and what’s important to me, especially when it comes to CE Week.  It can be overwhelming in general!  The minute I was registered my inbox was flooded with CE information, I soon began to tune it all out and turned to my pals at KidzVuz and Techlicious who know exactly what would interest me.

The fabulous team of Rebecca Levey and Nancy Friedman of KidzVuz, put together the most awesome cast of brands for a tech-full breakfast. I was sad to get there late but there was still so much learning to be had.

shapewaysIf anyone questions, it looks like 3D printers are here to stay! I admit I didn’t really get the appeal. First of all, it’s super expensive and the idea of making a replica but it’s not the real thing had me thinking it was a really expensive crafts tool that I could only imagine my kids using for school projects. Well Shapeways really opened my eyes to the possibilities! People are making fantastic things like cellphone covers, jewelry and so much more with materials like steel, nylon and porcelain! I’m loving the idea of Shapeways, a sort of etsy for 3D printing! That means I don’t have to buy my own 3D printer, which aren’t really that expensive anymore anyway, but printing materials can be expensive and we don’t have as many choices as Shapeways does. I can print what I want, when I want (like jewelry!), because honestly, I still don’t think I am in that stage where I NEED a 3D printer… YET. Right now I am obsessing a bit over this: I’m currently awaiting it’s arrival!

IMG_0638Absolutely obsessed over the IK Multimedia iKlip Grip. In an idea world I would always have a tripod with me as well as a selfie stick, but most of the time, it’s just me and my cellphone because I can’t be bothered with carry so much. When I saw the IK Multimedia iKlip Grip all I could think of was how PERFECT it was! A 4-in-1 desktop tripod, monopod, selfie stick, handheld grip and tripod adapter! It also comes with a Bluetooth shutter remote control. With a couple of events upcoming on my calendar, I’m excited to pack my iKlip Grip!

All the gadgets are cool and all, but I’m nothing without growing and building my foundation.  Closing out KidVuz fabulously informative breakfast was Pinterest’s Enid Chang, who put together an amazing presentation about Pinterest best practices. If you’re an oldie blogger like myself, Pinterest just defies every rule you’ve learned about social media. 3 takeaways I took were:
1. Be descriptive!
2. Vertical Images are a plus.
3. Text Overlays are excellent!

So look for some thoughtful pins from me in the future!

philips_sminiSuzanne and Josh always throw an amazing Techlicious lunch during CE Week and I never miss it!  They always curate an amazing selection of products that are exactly what this mom, blogger and tech lover is going to go GA-GA over.  Once again Philips sound was a sponsor and they brought along their newest edition to the family, the Philips Shoqbox Mini.  There are so many bluetooth speakers on the market and so many of them offer nothing more than just that, a speaker that connects to your device via bluetooth.  IMG_0642The Philips Shoqbox Mini is my new favorite bluetooth speaker.  It’s rugged casing can handle many days at the beach, a swim in a pool, river or slide (heck it floats!), even hang out in my shower… it can even handle my kids handling it! Yes those sticky little fingers can make a mess out of anything! That’s why I went nuts over Philips new scented anti-bacterial screen cleaner.  Clean and smelling good? Count me a fan! Fresh Mint is my favorite!

Lumix_g7I am all about my photography whether it be composition on my smartphone, to finding the most portable DSLR and of course always getting that perfect shot.  Let me tell you, Panasonic is changing the game! I’ve never been one to play favorites when it comes to cameras, but call me impressed with Panasonics new 4K camera, the Panasonic Lumix G7. I am completely obsessed with their 4K Pre-Burst mode which initiates a 4K video sequence one second before and after the shutter button is pressed giving you an extra 60 images from which to select and is perfect for those unpredictable, spur-of-the-moment photo ops also known as “my life”.

Power360For kicks, I ran around the CE Week showcase and a few other things caught my eye.  I am obsessing over Panamax Power360 outlets and extension cords. Every Power360 product has their proprietary “circle of protection” which tells you that the wiring is safe, the voltage is safe and everything that is plugged in, is protected. It’s the security that this blogger needs! The Panamax P360 Dock is perfect for travel, giving you more plugs and protection to boot!

ihomeWe love iHome and their new iKN105 Dual Charging Bluetooth Alarm Clock Radio which comes with a removable portable K-cell battery. How brilliant and convenient!

{ disclosure: So much tech for this blogging mommy! Special Thanks to KidzVuz, Techlicious and all their wonderful sponsor for their perfectly curated products from the CE Week Showcase. I received gift bags at each event, no compensation was exchanged. }