The Future of Internet is HERE with FiOS Gigabit Internet!

It’s been reported than an average home has about 25 connected devices at any given time right now. Projected in the very near future, many homes can have as many as 500 connected devices at once. Does that sound preposterous?  If you’ve been one of the few lucky ones to preview the FiOS Internet Home, you’ll quickly become a believer. Just watch my video tour here:

As you can see, things like video doorbells and wireless entry are technology available here today. At my own home I know, from glancing at my router dashboard, that I have over 35 connected devices in my home at any given time. From our ever so thrift Nest thermostat to Amazon Echo and Dot, wireless printers and multiple tablets and phones galore, it wasn’t hard to believe there was so many. Despite having 300/300 internet speed, we were definitely feeling the overload.

Verizon is always looking towards the future and the future is here now with Verizon FiOS’ Gigabit Internet. Boasting speeds of 940mbps upload and 880 mbps download, they can easily handle over 100+ devices simultaneously! Before you even ask how much is this upgrade going to cost you… what I’ve always loved about Verizon is how self-competitive their pricing is. I saved over $70 a month switching from 300/300 to Gigabit Internet. If your jaw dropped, imagine how mine’s dropped when I clicked to confirm my upgrade!

Need to find out if Verizon FiOS Gigabit internet is available in your neighborhood? Click here:

{ disclosure: I am a member of the #FiOSNY team where I receive complimentary services for my honest review.  I have been an existing, paying and loyal FiOS customer for over a decade making this the PERFECT partnership! }