The First of Many More

Yesterday was my daughter’s very first day of school as she entered Pre-K.  No one could have been looking forward to this day more than I.  I had been dreaming of this moment before she was even born along with many other dreams.  Filled with excitement as she got dressed in her Nerdy but Cute T-shirt, her staple leggings with her new velcro (requested) Puma sneakers and her beautiful Land’s End back pack.  We spent the night before perfecting her First Day of Pre-K sign for our family photo commemorating the occasion.  Mommy drew an apple and wrote “First Day of” and Ava who had been working hard on her penmanship wrote “PRE-K” and brought out her inner artist and drew a beautiful flower, “because I love you Mommy!”

My family must have been quite a sight at this prim and proper school as my husband, sister and I escorted Ava to school and into her classroom, taking loads of pictures along the way.  Pictures of the front entrance, picture of her cubby, picture of her desk, picture of her attendance apple, picture of her wall.  We were just so excited for her!

The hardest part of the past few years is the lingering guilt I have for taking her out of daycare.  With my career change and subsequent schooling, we no longer could afford to send her.  I was racked with guilt taking her out in an environment she was so thriving in.  Every day, even at the tender age of 2 years old, she was giddy to go to school (daycare).  She loved her teacher and her teacher loved her.  Every day she learned something new, and her teacher said there didn’t seem to be a task she couldn’t tackle.  She was a sponge, a very gifted sponge her teacher said.  It broke my heart sending in the letter to the teacher letting her know we could no longer afford to send her.  On her very last day, her teacher cried and hugged her tight.

For the past two years as I pushed forward with school, she spent most of her days with her grandmother.  While it was a wonderful time filled with love, it was not a teaching environment.  She spent most of those days watching TV or causing trouble per grandma.  We interpreted that as her being bored.  She was yearning for stimulation and education.  Whenever we could and not as often as we would have liked, we took her to museums and aquariums and other education events and you could see the dancing lights in her eyes.  While my excitement for this day was exploding, hers was palpable.  We had been preparing for this day ever since she got her acceptance letter.

As expected my outgoing girl had no problem acclimating.  She practically burst through those doors if we hadn’t been holding her hands ever so tightly.  She embraced her new teachers and didn’t hesitate to bid us farewell — shooing us out the door as we snapped some last few shots… She was right at home… and so our big girl was off to school!  The first of many more…

I can’t wait to hear about her day… every day…