The Cool Kids Holiday Gift Guide

swagwaySwagway X1 Hands-free Smart Board [ $499.99 $418.00 ]  – Hoverboards are all the rage now but there are so many to choose from and ranging in price from $200 – $1200.  This seems to be the one that is priced right and quality at the same time.  This one tops my nephews wish list and has me thinking I might be wanting a spin on this too!

epicLeapFrog Epic 7″ Android Kids Tablet 16GB*
[ $149.99 $128.00 ] is the perfect transitional tablet.  With all the form and functions that you love from the other Leapfrog LeapPads, this pads grown up a bit backed with an Android based system but still retains some of that parental control that I’m not quite ready to relinquish and a kid-friendly bumper. We were a little sad that not all LeapPad games are compatible with the Epic but my children didn’t seem to notice and they were happy to load it with new games.  Don’t forget to buy your digital cards on and watch for the many holiday deals like the recent Buy 1 Get 1 Free download!  Steal Deal!

burton_peanutsBurton Peanut snowboards [ MSRP $209 – $419 ]- With two newly minted snowboarders in the house and the recent introduction of a classic favorite from my childhood, the Peanuts gang, these Burton Peanut snowboards with it’s cute designs are high on my kids wishlist.




Sky Viper Stunt DroneSky Viper Drones *– Drones are now becoming one of the coolest gifts for any age group.  My husband is just as excited as the kids whenever we play with the drone.  Our favorite brand for Drones this year is definitely the Sky Viper Drone.  These high-Flying, Hi-Tech R/C toys come with a variety of features and in a wide range of price points. With options such as the Stunt Drone S670 [MSRP $49.99], the Video Streaming Drone V950STR [MSRP $99.99], or the Nano Drone M200 [MSRP $ 29.99], you are able to purchase the drone of your choice without breaking the bank. We particularly love the ability to take 720p HD videos with the Video Drone which can perform one-touch custom camera moves in auto pilot.  We also love the super-fast, high performing, Viper Stunt Drone S670 that comes with a customized video game – style controller and can fly at speeds over 16 MPH.  With excellent stability and performance, extreme capabilities, and new impact resistant designs, Sky Viper Drones are a definite must-have this holiday season.

strand_bandsStrand Bands Super Designer “Strand Styler”*$29.99 $25.36 ] – So much fun to be had with this kit. Peel it, Pull it, Stretch it and Share it! The possibilities are endless and the finished product looks like a professionally created piece by you! This is one of my daughter’s favorite fun time activities as she loves making these for her friends.










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