The BPA Controversy

GREENBABY is committed to educating parents and friends alike about eco-friendly and safe baby products. It was most distressing to us here when the FDA released their draft report announcing that BPA is safe for human consumption right on the heels of Congress banning use of lead and phthalates in toys. Although there are hundreds of published reports by government scientists and independent research labs documenting the risks of BPA particularly to infants and children, the FDA, in a glaring failure, has relied solely on chemical-industry funded studies that concluded BPA poses no risk to human health. It is crystal clear that the FDA is more committed to protecting the interests of industry rather than ensuring the safety of our families. One step forward and many steps back…

To help clarify the confusion, we hear at GREENBABY have broken down what this really means.

  1. The National Toxicology Program, an arm of National Institutes of Health, this countries top scientists, has produced dozens of studies that argue to the contrary.
  2. NO ONE is saying that BPA is safe. Everyone acknowledges that it is a dangerous intoxicant. The only argument is over the level required to inflict major and irreparable damage.
  3. Studies indicate that 95% of us have detectable levels of BPA in our systems.
  4. Bisphenol-A (BPA) is currently banned in Canada
  5. The US Department of Health and Human Services recently released a report that determined there was too little known about BPA to be able to declare it safe and that “the possibility that bisphenol A may alter human development cannot be dismissed.”
  6. An April 1st study published in Cancer Research found that exposure to BPA increased tumor aggressiveness and poor patient outcome.

How can they ignore this?!

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