The Baby Issue

{ disclosure : media invited sponsored event, some samples received }

The Baby Issue hosted by Jayneoni Moore, founder of the Boom Boom Room Gifting Suites for celebrity moms in Hollywood to check out the latest and greatest in gear, debuted in NYC on Thursday.  I was lucky enough to be an invited guest and learn about some of the hottest new products on the market.  Some of the brands represented there included: Plum Organics, Aprica, Steri-Bottle, Zoli Baby, Sarah Chloe, Jack’s Harvest, Skip Hop, Turtle Toppy, Shutterfly, Scholastic, PUJ and SmartMom.

Highlights included checking out Plum Organics new collaboration with Boon, (a take on their innovative squeeze spoon, an attachable, re-usable and portable dispensing spoon that easily attaches to all Plum Baby spouted pouches to make one-handed feeding a snap (available August 1st in a 2 spoon + carry case).

We loved Steri-Bottle, sold in packs of 5 or 1o disposable & recyclable sterile bottles.  I can’t believe it’s been around since 2000 and loved by parents in the UK!  Why did I not know about this?  BPA and phthalate free, these bottles are perfect for traveling, when boiling or microwaving bottles are not an option.  If you’re as neurotic a parent as I and were sterilizing until the baby was off the bottle, this saves a lot of grief on the road enabling those moms would felt chained to their homes more mobility.

We were delighted to spot our favorite SmartMom Teething Bling at the show.  They were wildly popular at GREENBABY-NYC.  Stylish and practical, both my babes love gnawing on it.  We love not only the product but the brand and its company philosophy built on the ROWE – Result Oriented Work Environment method.  Any company that supports a mom’s working life without sacrificing our children’s well being has our support.

The japanophile in me has been dying to check out Aprica’s strollers.  It’s an umbrella stroller for sure, but such a stylish one with japanese known attention to detail written all over it.  I knew it wasn’t new to the US, but it’s absence made it new to me!  I can’t wait to give it a spin hopefully in time for our vacation to South Carolina…

I know Jack’s Harvest is suppose to be for babies, but I could not put down their mango puree.  When the co-founder trying to help, asked me if I wanted throw it out as I juggled arm-fulls of stuff, I frowned.  It was too good.  I’m no super mom who will try to make her own baby food and this was as close to fresh and homemade my babes will get.  I was thrilled to find out they can be purchased on my favorite with free shipping!  You can bet M’s first  foods will include Jack’s Harvest – saved to my wishlist.

At a glance I normally would have overlooked Shutterfly… yep, I know all about you… but have you seen WINK?  It reminded me of those photo machines, sticker machines and polaroids.  Lover of all things cute and clever, I wanted to run home and make winks all day long… and I did… can’t wait to get my WINKS!

I wanted to kiss the lady who gave me my Turtle Toppy for my Infant Car Seat.  After I left the event, I was looking at my 3.5 month old son getting sun-ed all over despite all sorts of blanket maneuvering and I remembered that I just received the Turtle Toppy.  I quickly unpacked and installed it.  It completely shielded him from the sun and despite the intense heat outside, the many vents kept him cool.  It was so well thought out with pockets to hold things like diapers, keys, etc., completely reversible and machine washable.  As I walked through the city, and its been a while, but I forgot about all the grit that blows in the wind.  My sandal wearing feet were marked with dirt but the babe remained clean…  a toss in the wash and the grit will be gone from the Turtle Toppy too.