The Antibacterial Plush

Yes you heard right! Anti-bacterial (and anti-fungal too) baby! I think that is my favorite part about this delicious 9″ plush, amongst many other things. As a green mom I obviously love that it is made from Bamboo, one of the most rapidly renewable plant resources around. Who knew you could weave such a soft and plush toy from Bamboo?! I was so excited when I got this in the mail, it was perfect for my little Ava. Most recently the Elephant has become her favorite animal and word, she says “Ella-fant! Ella-fant!”, not to mention it is “pink!” (her favorite color after green). Wanting to see her initial reaction, I left it sitting on the stairs waiting when she got home from school. The minute she ran inside, she shrieked and I asked… “ooooh what’s the matter!?” and she replied with the most excited, “Momma, Ella-fant! Ella-fant!” She was beyond excited and it arrived just in time to join us on our little family road trip to Baltimore the next day.

This is where the anti-bacterial part became my favorite. Since it was our very first family road trip, little did we know Ava can get a little car sick. Just 3 hours into the trip, Ava threw up and unfortunately, or fortunately, however you might want to look at it, a little of it landed on the elephant, now affectionately named Ella. If you’ve read my blogs, one of my pet peeves about some of the stuff animals out there is their “surface only” wash policy, and I’m a bit of a germaphobe. In cases of unfortunate throw-ups, the plush would have wound up in the trash, probably much to the dismay of my little Ava. It’s anti-bacterial properties, with a little surface washing, saved Ella from an unfortunate “death”.

My absolute favorite part about these plushes from the My Natural collection, makers of MiYim Organic Toys… is the price! At an incredibly friendly price of $14.99, it is green without the price tag making it accessible to all. It is available exclusively at Barnes & Nobles (retail & online), as well as Ella’s other friends, Frog, Monkey and Panda.

{disclosure : sample received }