THE #ALLERGY DIARIES: You know it’s bad when…

…you spend your beautiful Sunday morning off designing these:

What are these you ask? There are ALLERGY ALERT CARDS.  I got the inspiration for them from the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network website where they suggested making laminated index cards outlining you (or your child’s) specific allergies for safer dining.  Their sample cards were simple in design and allowed you to simply list your individual allergies.  Knowing now how complex one’s allergies can be, this ALERT CARD was sheer brilliance to me.  Not only did it alert the Chef to your allergies, but can also be educational as well.  Did you know many people do not consider eggs to be dairy?

Always with the need to do things better, I decided my ALERT CARDS could be more than just for the Chef.  These cards are handy reference in case of emergency as well.  I designed the cards to:

  • Include the Full Name & Date of Birth. Important if my son cannot speak, and currently at the tender age of 2, does not know his own Date of Birth.
  • List of Allergies with examples that are often forgotten or not considered, ie. Eggs, Butter, Coconuts
  • Instructions for an emergency.  Stop Panicking!  I’ve got you covered!
  • Your preferred treatment center.  Did you know you had a choice?  You should always choose a facility with a Pediatric ER that is fully equipped to handle a child’s need.
  • Who to call in case of an emergency (ICE).  I can’t be with my son 24/7 but if he has this card on him and warned ahead of time, I will feel 1000X more safe.

It doesn’t hurt that the card also has his cute, adorable little mug on it.  It will hopefully make them be extra careful not to do anything to hurt this precious child.  These cards were designed by me and printed by  I chose because of their larger format card size as well as the ability to customize several versions of the card (up to 90 different cards!) and purchase a smaller quantity (50 cards).  I opted for the smallest quantity as his allergies are constantly evolving, we may add more or hopefully remove some in the near future.

Am I missing any information that you think should be included on the card?

{ disclosure : I was not contacted or paid by to endorse their product.  I just woke up this morning with a strong need to get these cards made.  When I placed my order, they gave me a neat little referral code that I’m more than happy to share. }