The 5 Rules of Sun Safety #OTCSafety

Despite all the warnings about skin cancer, all too many just throw caution to the wind.  Tanning Parlors are popping up on every corner, baby oil sells like hot cakes in the summer months.  My family is most definitely guilty of not being more sun safe.  While in the throws of sunshine fun and happiness, we often forget the basic rules of Sun Safety.

  1. Ava Elizabeth-6702Sun safety isn’t only in the summer, it’s ALL YEAR ROUND.  So use it DAILY! (it’s been proven to slow down the signs of aging too!)
  2. Sun safety is important even when you can’t see the sun, even when it’s overcast.
  3. BROAD SPECTRUM is the word.  It means it protects against UVA and UVB radiation
  4. 30 SPF is the min(imum) and recommended for daily use.
  5. REAPPLY REAPPLY REAPPLY — make that your mantra, at least every 2 hours.  You’ll notice the new labels indicate sunscreen is now water resistant, NOT waterproof, and the new labels must state the length of time the product remains effective after exposure to water or sweat (40-80 mins max)

Mom Confessionals lesson of the day:  Choosing the right sunscreen for you — physical or chemical — Chemical is absorbed by the skin, physical sits on the skin’s surface and is best if you have sensitive skin.  Learning something new EVERY day!

20130616-IMG_4688Make sure to use the right amount sunscreen, at least 2 tablespoons. Don’t forget your ears and back of the neck, places often missed.  Make sure to apply at least 15 minutes before you head out.  Always keep babies out of direct sunlight, most sunscreens aren’t approved for use under the age of 6 months.

Having trouble getting your kids to put on sunscreen?  Make it a daily habit and the fuss will get easier every day! Get added protection with hats, UV protected clothing and sunglasses.  Check out the adorable UV shirt the little Mister is wearing to the left!

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