#Techlicious at #CEWeek

Tech now is all about the mobile lifestyle and CEWeek showcased the next generation, making our lives even more mobile and accessible.  I had a chance to attend a fabulous event, one of my favorite events each year, hosted by Techlicious where they curated some of the must-see items at this overwhelming show.

limaOne of our first stops and one I already was obsessed with was Lima.  Meet Lima.  I first incorrectly described it as a personal cloud, but it really is so much more than that.  I don’t know about you but I have several devices which I use all the time – iPad, iMac, laptop, desktop, Kindle, Samsung Galaxy S5, etc., I’m always taking pictures, starting lists and then fumbling to remember which device has what.  Lima brings them all together as one.  This small wonder plugs into, what I recommend, your largest storage drive.  Install the Lima app on each of your devices and watch it sync everything with the maximum capacity of your largest storage drive, which is actually unlimited as you can attach as many storage drives you need. Yes that Samsung Galaxy S5 can have 2TB of space! OBSESSED! Right now it you can pre-order it only by invitation.  I’ve still got a few left if you want, just leave a comment below!

thiniumOne can never have enough chargers an Thinium comes with the cool factor.  They have 3 products – Charge, Re-Charge and Connex, each of them ultra-slim in design and can charge your android or apple devices.  It’s flat, credit card size and the charging port just unfolds like a piece of origami.  Rumor has it, in the future these can be personally branded for a really neat marketing gift (no more pens please!).  It’s perfect just to throw into your purse, or in my case, diaper bag… and look cool doing it.

LG_CURVED_DesignWe got a chance to check out LG’s new curved TVs and just WOW!  When I first heard about curved TVs I blew it off as just another novelty.  I couldn’t understand how it could be any better than the view on my current 65″ HD television and it soooo is sooooo much better! Obviously this is best on one of their larger format TV’s but sitting in front of LG’s curved TV, I felt completely immersed and pulled into the image.   There’s something about the curve that makes it fill up your entire field of vision and you just feel apart of that world.  As we are putting finishing touches on the kids playroom with a full entertainment center, you bet we are checking out LG’s Curved TVs!

skulpt_AIMSo I’m in a bit of a fitness craze and when I saw the fine bodies at Skulpt, I was eager to check out what there were showcasing!  This amazing little device measures the quality of your muscles like measuring your IQ, which aids in customizing a fitness plan that really is more effective overall than without this very important bit of information.  I am all about making the most of my workouts as I am always looking at the clock with mommy guilt.

philips_actionfitGood sound doesn’t have to cost a fortune and when I’m going to the gym, I’m not necessarily looking to bring my expensive headpiece there and Philips Sound comes through with their ActionFit Sport Headphones.  With both in-ear and ear hook designs, its a perfect fit for the most active of people.  I love that they are washable and antimicrobial too!  The mom in me sees germs everywhere and an hour at the gym has me scrambling for the shower.

tripit_logoGone are the days of my crazy excel spreadsheet itineraries!  I’ve discovered TripIt and love it!  Any and all trips need itineraries, even the spontaneous ones for our family.  I always need to know all the basic information all in one place and TripIt does it all for FREE!  Of course if you’re uber VIP, you can sign up for TripIt Pro where they will monitor every detail of your intinerary, let you know if your flight is delayed or if the price has fallen and even keep all your airline reward accounts in order.


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