Teacher Appreciation Gifts & Niks Naks

It’s that time of year again for many of you.  End of the school year and you’re wondering what to get your child(ren)’s teacher to show your appreciation for loving and nurturing them through another year.  This is my first year chartering these waters and I’m having a hard time finding the perfect gift.  I’ve asked anyone and everyone and the one thing that keeps coming up is something personalized.  Many schools have rules governing how much you can spend on an appreciation gift, but that doesn’t mean it has to be cheesy.  Find out what your schools policy is right away.  I just happen to discover NiksNaks.com.  They’ve got tons of personalized gifts in every price range curated by Nicole herself!  She started the site because she always wanted to be the perfect gift giver with unique products and wanted to share her expertise with others.  She makes herself personally available to help you choose the perfect gift but searching her site and you can see it’s really not that hard.  Here are some of my favorites:

Monogrammed Clipboard by Dabney Lee ($55) is a stylish place for them to keep organized all through out the upcoming school year.  I love when you can make an item that is part of your every day a little extra special.

Teacher’s write a lot of notes and we love the Monogrammed Memo Notes by Dabne Lee ($60) kept neat in a gorgeous lucite box which makes any note more special.

Summer’s here and teachers deserve a break too!  Encourage them to go on a trip with this adorable Medium Monogrammed Cosmetic Case ($105) perfect for travel.  This case will last a lifetime with its plastic lined inside.  There is plenty of room inside with 3 pleated pockets on one side and 2 flat pockets on the other side.

Yes I wouldn’t mind getting these myself.  You have just enough time to place your personalized orders before the school year ends and the fabulous people at NiksNaks.com are offering Mom Confessionals readers an exclusive 15% off their entire order until May 31st with code “sparkle15” at checkout.