Sun Day, Sun Screen with Sunbow!

I’m a little crazy about sun protection as everyone should be.  I’m always scouring my family for signs of skin cancer.  No, there is no history in our family but at the same time, they love to be in the sun ALL the time. If they’d only invent a dip that lasts each summer season I would be so happy.  Every year it seems we’re searching for a new sunscreen.  Our first year was our California Baby Sunscreen.  As much as we loved it, it’s thick as can be and applying it can be somewhat of an art form.  It’s still our emergency sunscreen if we run out as it’s often commercially available at some of our favorite box-top stores.

This year I was hoping to find one that wasn’t as pastie and easier to apply, more like a lotion.  We stumbled upon Sunbow Sunscreen.  It is rated on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database with a score of 2.  While it’s not the lowest, it’s not the worst offender either (10 is the highest and worst score).  What I love about Sunbow is that my daughter loves it.  Why?  Because it is covered in her absolute favorite character, Dora the Explorer.  I struggle enough getting that first application of sunscreen on and a repeat is often a fight of will – will she or won’t she.  To prove my point, welcome to my little puerto rican princess.  People often look at her and then look at me and I can see their heads swimming in wonder, where is her mother?  Har Har Har… she tans dark.  Oh I hope for a summer where she colors more closely to mine.  While I intend not to abuse my skin, I plan on slathering her every hour instead of the recommended 2½ hours.  Hey a girl’s gotta try!  Maybe this summer she’ll be a little more Filipino?

Sunbow comes in 3 different application methods – tube, spray and stick.  It’s a winning combination.  While I found the tube as thick as our trusty California Baby, I’ve come to terms that it may be the best coverage yet.  We love the spray!  What I can appreciate is the fun colors that it applies on as, but dries CLEAR.  It lets me know that I haven’t missed a spot and the kids think it’s just magical!  My routine now includes tube first, spray for reapplication and stick for nose, ears and cheeks  – swipe, swipe and swipe!  Sometimes you have to embrace those characters, they can be your friends!  They will be a staple on our end of summer trip!