Summer Learning Challenge with Lakeshore Learning!

My little architect holding his connector!

For some homes, like ours, summer is already under way.  It has only been a week and already my kids are going bat crazy.  While they are definitely not looking for a school like environment — Its summer break Mom!!! — that doesn’t mean mom and dad can’t slip in a little fun learning here and there. We love Lakeshore Learning products for this very reason.  My children love getting new toys! Really, who doesn’t? And who is telling them that they’re learning toys? NOT ME! In all honesty though, when we go to our local Lakeshore Learning store, my kids are always finding products that they’ve used in the classroom and it’s usually a product they then want to take home as well. I love telling their teachers that and we have an EXCLUSIVE 20% OFF coupon for Lakeshore Learning products just for you!

image003With camp a couple weeks away, what am I going to do with my kids, full of energy, doing nothing at home?! Wel we’re always up for a challenge and making it even sweeter is a chance to win a $5oo e-gift card to one of our favorite stores, Lakeshore Learning. With their Summer Learning Challenge Sweepstakes, they are offering 3 different summer challenges. There’s something for everyone. Kids can pick from a Creativity Challenge, Building Challenge or Sail Away Challenge.  While all the challenges seem rather directional whether it’s making a car or a castle (Creativity Challenge), building a marshmallow tower (Building Challenge) to making a sailboat (Sail Away Challenge), you can really get creative with this!

Let the building begin!
Let the building begin!

Part of the fun is which challenge to tackle, but in the end it was the Building Challenge, although I do think the allure of eating the leftovers in smores fashion was the end goal!

Back to the drawing board!
Back to the drawing board!

Do not be tricked! It is NOT an easy challenge at all! There was a LOT of planning from what types of mashmallows to get and what type of connectors to use, to planning on paper and then execution… and then back to paper planning and again execution.  It was a fun, sticky and messy project but the kids had fun tackling this challenge that they originally perceived as easy peasy.  Those mushy, soft, cloud like marshmallows didn’t provide quite the stable base they assumed it would and instead they learned the sticks, particularly the type of sticks they chose was just as important.  So what do you think of the final piece?


Do YOU accept the challenge?

What challenge will your family choose? Creativity Challenge, Building Challenge or Sail Away Challenge

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And it all came crashing... DOWN....
And it all came crashing… DOWN….