Stokke Chic with the Stokke Crusi & #Giveaway

IMG_20130629_144115_462 My love of strollers is widely known… obsessed!  It’s all about the quest for the perfect stroller for each family.  I say each family because really the day to day stroller is different than the jogging stroller, than the commuter stroller, than the double stroller and what you need from your stroller is different than what I need.  Following the huge success of the Stokke Xplory, Stokke introduces the Stokke Crusi.  The standout thing about the Stokke Crusi is that it is a multi-function stroller, while it took a little for me to realize, for my family, it’s just what we needed.  Let me start from the beginning.

This stroller is definitely a looker.  I get stopped all the time, showered with compliments on my gorgeous stroller.  During a stroller in the city, an admirer actually tripped and fell flat on her face.  While I’d like to think it was my adorably cute baby, she recovered and embarrassed, said to me, I was checking out your designer stroller.  If that isn’t a compliment, I don’t know what it.  I have to admit while I love the styling of Stokke, seriously it’s RED hot… I had a hard time justifying to my readers, the price.  At first glance, you might wonder about the practicality vs the price.  After now testing and playing with the Stokke Crusi for 4 months, it’s become my stroller.  Let’s break it down.

IMG_20130714_173130_833We recently bought a new car for our expanded family, and somehow more seats meant I lost valuable trunk space.  Despite that, I find myself telling the husband he better make room for my Stokke. Everything else… doesn’t need to be in my car.  I am obsessed.  Whether it’s using the bassinet for a stroller or as a bed for baby on vacation or simply running errands with baby in the Xplory seat, I love it.  Love, love, love it.

McChubs finally grew into the Xplory seat.  It just hugs him just right, with just the right amount of incline in the resting position and lets him sleep peacefully through anything.  I love the open air vent on the hood on those super humid days.  Equally nice, it also fits my 3 year old just as well for when he’s too tired to walk and I can put baby in my carrier.  As a single stroller, its got a generous basket below where I pretty much store everything, leaving me free to oogle at my baby.

When I’m out and about with all my kids, by myself, I’m happy to have the sibling seat.  It’s really the Little Mister that I have trouble keeping tabs on.  Both my 9 year old and my 6 year old are old enough to hold onto stroller and walk beside me.  The sibling seat allows me to manage all 4 of them with ease.


  • If you travel a lot, even with a newborn, you’ll love the bassinet.  It was a godsend for this busy traveling family.  Each trip, baby slept safely in the bassinet, not in the bed with us, or in a questionable hotel crib.
  • Love the double seat option, especially on a higher end stroller.  My 3 year old still tires easily and it’s nice that when he does, he can get a lift.
  • This stroller shouts designer quality.  The material and workmanship is impeccable.  It truly is a thing of beauty and if I can say so, I kinda love the double takes.


  • This is not a light or compact stroller (check out their Scoot), despite the addition of a larger car, somehow I lost valuable trunk space and suddenly any stroller in my truck takes up way too much space.
  • Also when collapsed, the stroller does not lock in position which I found a little odd.
  • What would have made this a 5-star stroller for me is a car seat attachment.  I was disappointed to find out it did not support any sort of car seat.  That meant taking baby, even sleeping baby, out of car seat into the Xplory seat.

{ disclosure:  I received a Stokke Crusi for review.  As always, all opinions expressed here are my very own.  Giveaway is self-hosted. }

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 11.42.46 AMGIVEAWAY

(1) lucky Mom Confessionals Mama is getting a chance to win a Stokke 3-in-1 Organic MyCarrier in Stone/Brown.  We love our MyCarrier!  Multi-functioning just like the Stokke Crusi, this carrier goes front to back and even side carrying.  You must answer, “What is your must have option on a stroller?”  You have several additional entry options if you’d like to increase your odds of winning!  ALL ENTRIES ARE CONTAINED WITHIN THE WIDGET.  Good Luck!