Staying Connected with Skype

skypeGrowing up my sister and I have always been super close.  Even as we got older, despite our lives taking us in different directions, we were always close.  When she decided to move, I was just starting my family.  I wanted to make sure that my kids got to know and love my sister as much as I did.  She didn’t just move to another city or state, she was traveling the world.  Skype has kept us close and kept her as much a part of my growing family  as possible. She has read books with my kids via Skype and when her travel plans kept her away from the recent birth of my son, she got to meet him via Skype.

Whether she’s in South Africa to Guatemala or even Paris to Israel, my kids love their chats with their Aunt.  She shares with them loads of little cultural tidbits during their many Skype calls.  This summer, one of their summer learning activities is researching more about her current locations and we’re having fun discovering all the amazing things she’s actually living around.  While I wish she was right here with us, I’m grateful for Skype helping to keep us connected.

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