Spring Cleaning…

Since I’m a mom too, I guess I won’t be going to Cancun for Spring Break anytime soon, although I hear that’s not where they should be going either. So amongst the bill paying, the filing and occasional catch up studying… I decided to do what I’ve been somewhat fearing now since my Toxic Tub post… I don’t know why I’ve been fearing it, but perhaps it might be the ah hah moment where I realize perhaps it might explain many things in my health history. After all it’s not just about what touches and goes into your baby’s skin, you’d be surprised just how much toxins babies are born with from Mommy’s own exposure. Check out Greenpeace’s report in collaboration with the WWF called A Present for Life. Also when I find a product that doesn’t give me a breakout, a rash or something worse, I tend to jump for joy and stay loyal for years and years to that brand. Yea, my skin is that sensitive, but I realize now that maybe it’s just a certain toxin I’m allergic too. Let’s see what’s in my bath and beauty routine, past and present, at the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database!

Yardley Moisturizing Bars Natural Oatmean & Almond Rating: (4)
a childhood favorite for my sensitive, often itchy skin… hrmmm… I do have a few bars of Dr. Bronner’s Magic All-One Hemp BABY-MILD PURE-CASTILE (Bar) SOAP and that has an easier rating of (1) to swallow…

Sadly my Origins Shampoo and Conditioner don’t have ratings, but I did enter it in for future evaluation (and you should do the same too if your product isn’t listed. If you want to know, I’m sure someone else wants to know too)

Eucerin Dry Skin Therapy Original Cream and Aquaphor Healing Ointment both came in with a low rating of (2). I think I can live with that, although I’d like to be closer to a rating of (1), but unless something is as thick as Eucerin, I don’t think I’ll be switching. I’m quite particular and loyal to what goes on my skin.

I’m so not happy with Pantene and it’s rating of (5+)… hrmmm but Burt’s Bee and even a certain CVS branded shampoo made it under 2.

Noooo Laura Mercier with her (9+) rating! What am I suppose to do!? Sorry Laura, it hurts, but we have to part… the skin on my face is just too precious…

Okay people, let’s be honest, it’s gonna hurt, i know… but what’s in your beauty routine!?

UPDATED 4/16/09: Check out Green Mom Finds related post