SPOTTED: Kidada for Disney

As a huge fan of Kidrobot’s Dunny, Tokidoki and the likes there of,  I realize that often my love is born out of the words “limited editions”… Ahhhh yes those little marketing tricks works even on a former marketing guru as myself…. It makes me [quote]covet them, desire them…[/quote] somewhat to the point of obsessiveness…. I must have the ENTIRE collection!   I’ve gotten most of those feelings under control these days but recently I’ve been tempted again by those fateful words…. Limited Edition….

Kidada Jones has teamed up with Disney to create an entire Disney inspired Kidada line and I am in love!  I have to admit, I have been avoiding all things Disney.  I knew that fate would make it inevitable but I was holding out until the very last minute and that day has arrived.  My little princess is in love with all the Disney Princesses.  At first I was just on the page to check out some birthday party inspiration for her upcoming 4th Birthday, but I got lost straight through the Kidada page.  I found myself wanting to buy all the Wish-A-Littles… for myself!!!  There are 4 Wish a Littles to choose from featuring Princess Tiana, Belle, Cinderella and Snow White.  I just wish there was a Mulan…. Available online at for $39.50 each. I can’t buy them all, but a girl can wish can’t she?!  I was also a little late to the Kidada party as  the limited edition Kidada 9″ Vinylmation which was SOLD-OUT — gasp! But how cute are they?!  Don’t you want them too?!

What I’m loving most is the gentle reminder to Love a little, dream a little, laugh a little, and even wish a little.