SPOTTED: Hello Kitty at Sephora

Where the heck have I been?!  Oh wait, in nursing school… I still can’t believe I didn’t know that HELLO KITTY has her own beauty line at Sephora!  I love it all!  I WANT it all!  and so does my 3 year old who is requesting the Bling Mirror and the Bling Necklace (actual name is Solid Parfum Necklace, but it is sooooo bling) – oh yes, she’s got good taste!  For me this is a throw back to my childhood.  My sister and I loved all things Hello Kitty, back in the days where she was only known to the Chinatown set.  I love how she’s such a mainstream icon now!

I’m not even a perfume kinda gal, don’t have a signature scent or anything, but how I’d love to have this sitting on my toiletries tray.  Where is the Friends & Family discount for Sephora again?