GIVEAWAY: Dr. Sear’s Family Essentials


I admit to having terrible eating habits!  So I’m sure the irony is not lost in my insistence that my children have healthier eating habits than that of my own.  I know and have heard over and over again that unless my own eating habits improve, I can’t expect my children’s to.  I’m always up to try something new and in my attempt at healthier eating gone are those bags of potato chips…. maybe one lingers somewhere in the cabinetry… and my home is now abound with fresh fruits, boxes of Trader Joe’s granola bars and bags of Peeled dried fruit, thanks to a coupon from Eversave.  I admit the fresh fruits are a tough sale to my kids, especially since they are use to their snacks coming out of packages.  They even snub the dried fruit, although the infant is quite interested in it but without teeth…  The biggest hit was the boxes of Trader Joe’s granola bars.  Not only are they very snack friendly, they are in a familiar snack packaging that they identify with and I love!  And it hit me… it’s the packaging!

I love cleverly packaged snacks and was thrilled to discover Dr. Sear’s Family Essentials, the new line of nutritional drinks, snacks and supplements.  Dr. Sears Family Essentials offers a doctor-formulated, kid-approved line of 100 percent all-natural drinks, snacks and supplements that provide essential daily nutrients to help children grow healthy, strong and smart.  They are a family name that we have come to trust with over a century worth of medical knowledge amongst the family, Dr. Bill Sears, Dr. Jim Sears (son), Dr. Bob Sears (son) and Martha Sears (wife).

One of my favorites has to be POPUMZ™.  They are 100 percent all-natural popped whole grain crisps that are packed with protein to help build strong muscles, fiber for healthy digestion and Omega-3 DHA – an essential component for the growth and development of young minds and bodies.  Popped rice treats are a familiar asian snack for my children and POPUMZ™ are a healthy alternative.  Drizzled in Omega-3 rich vanilla, chocolate or caramel makes it an easy sell!  As far as nutritional supplements go, Omega-3 is one of my favorites.  It’s very hard to disguise the fishy taste but somehow Dr. Sears Family Essentials has!

Cool Fuel is a delicious, fortified and ready-to-drink shake that delivers the nutrition kids need to perform their best – in and out of the classroom.  Made from 100 percent all-natural ingredients, the gluten- and lactose-free shakes contain no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners and 60 percent less sugar than competitive brands.  The gluten and lactose free shakes are music to my ears.  With my youngest allergic to the world, these drinks are perfect and delicious!  I may even attempt to make a frothy milk shake from it just to mix it up a bit for the kids.

Dr. Sears Family Essentials Supplement Fruit Chews are 100 percent all-natural and fruit-based, and provide kids with optimal levels of Omega-3 DHA and essential daily nutrients to nourish their minds and bodies.  Tasting like starbursts, your children won’t even know these candies are healthy.  They’ll be asking for them all the time and you will find yourself limiting them.

For more information or to order please visit Dr. Sears Family Essentials drinks, snacks and supplements can also be purchased at Babies R Us’ nationwide.

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