SPOTTED: Disney’s Fruit Crisps

I have been struggling to find ways to get healthy snacks into my kids.  With my easy going infant, it’s not much of a problem.  He loves fruit but his sister… is another story.  She has some sort of secret power to detect anything healthy and will snub it without even a try.  Alas, I think I’ve figured out her weakness, not just to pretty ladies… but her favorite characters.  Brushing her teeth now is a cinch with her Disney Princesses Bubble Gum Toothpaste. Now the Disney Princesses and other favorite characters have teamed up with Brother’s All Natural Freeze Dried Fruit Crisps.   She’s a sucker for anything with the Princesses on it.  Ever so slyly, I just happen to leave a package on the table and watched as she spotted Snow White and shouted “Princess Princess!”  I was a little naughty, I snatched the package out of her hand and told her it wasn’t for her.  I know my daughter and the more she couldn’t have it, the more she wanted it.  She wasn’t to beat me at my own game.  “But I want it!”  I couldn’t help myself… “You won’t like it, it’s fruit.  You don’t like fruit.”  Her response on cue, “But I like fruit!”  Jackpot!  I pretended to succumb to her pouty mouth and handed over the fruit crisps in a dramatic defeat watching as she devoured the crisps. Ever so dramatically, she looked at me and said, “Yummy mom!”

Brother’s Fruit Crisps are available online at in bulk (24-pack) for around $23.00.  You can subscribe and save an additional 15% with scheduled deliveries.  Other characters include Mickey & Friends, Toy Story and Cars.