SPOTTED: Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles

While strolling our neighborhood toy store I spotted these, Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles,  on the shelf and the child in me desperately wanted it!  They just looked soooooo cool!  I had to remind myself that I’m NOT a child.

Exercising some self-control, otherwise known as my husband’s evil eye, I walked out of the store withOUT it in hand.  Silently filed in the back of my head as some fun summertime play for the kiddies and I.

Has anyone checked these out?  I told some friends about it and they just thought I was kidding so up came the google page and….

Whoa!  The reviews on on what I thought was this little bit of fabulousness is all over the place.  Parents love it, and parents hate it… What do you think?

It comes in 5 gem like colors and I imagined great fun with the pink for the toddler and blue or green for the infant.  I’m all shades of mess any day so does it really matter if I get color stained if my kids are having a blast?