SPOTTED: Calypso for Target

Fashionista I am not… Those days are long gone, along with what seemed to be a bottomless wallet.  The beauty (blindness) of youth!  What happens when you still have the eye for the finer things in life but can no longer afford it?  I can count myself lucky that I live in a time where Target is a reality.  This summer one of my favorite resort wear brands, Calypso has partnered with Target.  They have created a drool worthy collection that I want every piece of!

Not only can I be decked out in high Calypso fashion, but so can my mini-me.  In fact, since the purse strings are tight, I am willing to forgo my own indulgence and shower the mini-me in a gorgeous array of sea-side color.

For a limited time, check out Calypso St. Barth at your local Target and for those hard to find sizes as well as some exclusives, go online.