Skinny Fat, it’s a Real Thing – Part I

Throw Back to Age 27 and 112lbs

At 5 feet 4 inches tall and 125 pounds many people would guess I’m skinny.  If hidden strategically well under clothing I’d agree but I’m introducing you to the idea of skinny fat. You can be skinny and you can be fat too.

At the tender age of 27, after giving birth to my first child, I weighed an amazing 112 pounds and was wearing a size 0-2 and my body… amazing!  In fact, exclusively breastfeeding had my body looking better than it did pre-pregnancy, I had those gorgeous full breastfeeding boobs! No one could tell I had a c-section.

After giving birth to my second child at age 30, I weighed 128 pounds and was wearing size 4. It was an almost 15 pound weight gain that still wasn’t too noticeable. I simply told (lied to) myself that my hips were wider after childbirth (although I didn’t push a child out of my vagina) and sizing from clothing companies always fluctuate. I no longer wore a bikini, blaming it on the horrible keloid that had formed after my second c-section, but really I wasn’t feeling so hot anymore.

After giving birth to my third child at age 35, also via c-section, I weighed 138 pounds and was wearing size 4 to 6. I just hated my body at this point. I had no time to exercise so I just hid it strategically well under clothing.

Goal: Rockin Body of 2007
GOAL: Rockin Body of 2007, Baby #1

After a wake-up call, I changed my entire lifestyle and for the past year now I’ve worked my way up to:

  • running 8-12 miles a week
  • doing SoulCycle 1-2 times a week
  • 2 minute planks daily
  • cut out soda from my diet
  • significantly reduced my snacking habits
  • choosing healthier options for meal choices
  • making smarter splurge choices
What 3 c-sections does to your abdomen.

I just turned 37 years old last week and now weigh in at 125 pounds, losing almost 15 pounds since last year which is amazing! My buttock is so firm I can “bounce a quarter off it” and my arms are more toned and finally looking thin from all angles. It’s changed how I feel about body and really helped my self-esteem to see that all my hard work is paying off but I hit a plateau. As great as those numbers sound, while clothes were definitely fitting nicer, underneath hid an ugly mess, my abdomen. Sagging skin, stretch marks and a layer of fat that just won’t budge no matter what I do. Here is my UltraShape story:

This video is part of a 4 post/video series.  Having almost completely given up and ready to throw in the towel and succumb to the temptations of eating whatever I want, I heard about UltraShape, a completely non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that is FDA-cleared to blast stubborn fat cells with Ultrasound.  Not only is it completely non-invasive, it’s also says it’s completely painless with no down-time which is perfect for this BUSY BUSY mom! Follow me on my UltraShape journey with #UltraShape #UltraYou and let’s cross our fingers and hope it works!

{ disclosure: In exchange for one Ultra Shape Treatment series through the SocialMoms Network, I agreed to document my experience with #UltraShape.  No monetary compensation was received.  As always, all opinions expressed here are my very own. }