Sesame Street Workshop’s Digital Playground

IMG_0183Have you ever met a child who hasn’t heard of Sesame Street? Me, neither…
I grew up watching Sesame Street and now my two little ones are doing the same. My three-year old has a strong love for Cookie Monster, while my 11 month old has an affinity for Elmo. So when given the opportunity to attend the Sesame Workshop Digital Playground, I couldn’t pass it up! With so many Sesame Street products on the market, I (along with my little guy) was able to check out some of the latest and greatest Sesame Street apps, Ebooks, and digital video platforms.
Sesame Street’s Sesame Workshop has some amazing apps and games coming our way. For starters, I got to play with Elmo’s story time – an app in which your child creates the story. Even my 11 month old was able to join in on the fun, and added his picture to one of the characters in his “book”.
Another cool app we discovered was the Elmo Loves 123s app. This app enables children to begin writing their letters, in a really fun way. It also keeps track of your child’s progress every time he/she logs in to play. It may surprise you how child and parent friendly this app is!
Its hard to forget the Ebooks we were able to read. With Sesame Street’s Ebooks and Sourcebooks, your child is able to access over 100 of his favorite Sesame Street books with just the swipe of his finger, and the books will actually read along with your child!
IMG_0186Personally, my favorite app was Big Bird’s Words. This app allows your child to participate in learning to read and find certain foods in places like the supermarket. This app is so advanced; it can actually scan and learn a word, just by having your child point their device on a specific object (which it will recognize). For example, if your child were to point his/her ipod camera at a carton of milk, Big Bird will read and learn the word ‘milk’ and in turn, your child will be able to learn more words by word association and spelling. I know my 3 year old will have a blast using this app!
After all the fun we had testing out all of the new and exciting digital media to come from Sesame Street, we were treated to story time where we got to read with Elmo and Alan from Sesame Street. I can’t imagine a better way to end such an exciting experience, and my kids can’t wait to get their hand on some of these terrific apps!