Second Time Around…

Thanks to @MomTalkRadio for outing my pregnancy on National Mom’s Night Out #MNO-09! While we’re still very early on, I’m embracing it despite my husband’s stern warning to stay cautious with our dark history. I’ll even load up the post I had written the moment I wanted to scream and shout to the world but attempted to remain ever the cautious mom. Alas DH and I are incredibly excited about the soon to be new addition to our household and giving our precious Ava a sibling. Always the overachieving parents, we are trying to do ourselves better this time around. So we’re exploring cloth diapers for the first time, seeing how green it really is and if it’s really functional for a crazed mom in the early months. Do you remember those first few months of sleepless, hazy, zombie-like, non-stop bottle washing, sterilizing, laundry-doing days?! Mommy hands anyone?! Our green approach back then with Ava was a commitment to get her out of diapers as soon as possible. I know — the horror! If it helps, she was a breastfed baby… I know, that doesn’t really help that much… sorry greenies
Thanks to a gift from the wonderful people at Apple Cheeks, I’ve gotten a chance to give these cloth diapers a test run. Albeit in use during POTTY training – I bet they didn’t think of that idea! Yep, I thought it would be perfect for her to transition to “real” big girl underwear. I loved the adjustable snaps on the covers. Once I figured out the right size, Ava was able to use them as her pull-ups. She loves the softness of the fleece and doesn’t hesitate to do the big girl dance when she wears them. The first time around, I was not too bright in including any inserts but I learned quickly and all she uses is a booster for her once in a while oopsies. While she’s still a ways away from being fully potty trained, she’s started eyeing big girl underwear and is acquiring quite a collection intimates of the Hello Kitty and Dora the Explorer variety for the big transition. I have come to appreciate the ease of care of the diapers as well. I was definitely skeptical that I could be that mom that houses a separate laundry bag of pee and poopy diapers before the germaphobe in me screams how unsanitary I’m being. But it really was quite a simple thought out process. In a house full of pee and poop, you’ll probably tend to the same amount of laundry any new parent would encounter so what’s another load just for pee and poop?! If you’ve got an energy efficient washing machine like I do, you’ll be happy to know the suggested 3 washes isn’t necessary if you’ve got a “sanitary” feature which should be more than sufficient. As for drying, it’s a piece of cake… air drying is all it needs and it’s super fast! Maybe it’s my super-efficient washing machine, but out of the wash it already felt quite dry.
Okay, I know some mom’s are thinking, that’s great that you found it a wonderful potty training tool, but how about for how it’s intended, as a full diaper system?! Well, this mommy, who hates to give a review that is anything less than thorough, asked the kind people at Apple Cheeks for a smaller sample to do a trial on a smaller person as well. My wonderful friend was willing to offer up her 5-month old daughter for a day’s “playdate” trial and a chance for some mommy catch-up time. As mom and I caught up, dear Melanie spent the day in Apple Cheeks diapers in4 hour intervals, every 2 hour change with one change to wash and dry (we only had one sample), one with Apple Cheeks. We explored all the different options that Apple Cheeks offered from the envelope method to the cover/insert method. Not a single leak during the 4 changes. One of which was poo and one change at home – did you really think she’d stay 16 hours at my house?! – returned to me later. The fit was incredibly snug without being tight and not at all bulky as well expected. I regret not taking a photo of sweet melanie and her cute little Apple Cheeks behind. We both agreed that the Cover Insert Method was probably the most economical in terms of increasing the longevity of the covers, and purchasing additional inserts and boosters as opposed to sets of both covers and inserts. In thinking of both of our experiences with poop and pee, we thought a good starter set should include 3-5 covers and enough inserts for 3 days minimum, hoping you don’t prolong doing laundry for any time longer than that. That’s the germaphobe in me speaking. I still loved the snaps opposed to Velcro. It’s my pet peeve. If you’re a mom, I’m sure you’ve experience the Velcro bibs stuck to another item of clothing creating only what I can call snags everywhere.
Apple Cheeks got thumbs up from us on both the diaper and potty training front! Always trying to be a little greener, I definitely will be giving cloth diapering a real trial run with baby #2. I am already thinking of just how to get the daycare to buy into yet another one of my “musts” or “quirks” as she probably calls it behind my back. Organic Milk was the first trainer which resulted in my having the milk delivered directly to the daycare centers door – a story for another time!
{disclosure : samples received}