Safe Summer Travels with J&J First Aid

photo 2-1Kids are out of school, and summer is in full swing.  Whether you’re heading out for a family vacation or summer camping, it’s always good to make sure you packed right.  That includes a re-evaluation of your first aid kit.  Gone are the days of one size fits all first aid kits.  These days first aid kits come in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to personalize a kit that’s right for your child, family and situation.  The kit you were carrying around during the school year for soccer practice to track meets may not suffice for your summer traveling needs.  You’ll definitely need more than band aids and neosporin to get you by.

If your travel plans include going abroad, you should consider bringing staples like a thermometer, acetaminophen and ibuprofen. For our family, we have been caught off guard one too many times not to learn our lesson.  Finding a working thermometer at our hotel in the middle of the night as our son was burning up and puking non-stop was like finding a needle in a haystack.  No one wanted to pay the on-call doctor $150 just to come and give us a thermometer or trust that a medication with instructions written in a foreign language was being dosed properly.

caseIf you have an allergy kid like I do, make sure your medications have not expired.  Also good to know is where the nearest hospital and pharmacy is, as well as any protocol your insurance company may need in case of emergency.

My husband swears every bug out there has it in for taking a bite out of him.  For him I’ll carry Benadryl’s new Itch Relief Stick.  Whatever your needs are, J&J has you covered.

For tips on how to customize your own First Aid Kit, check out  For a limited time, when you purchase three or more first aid products—such as BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages, NEOSPORIN® products, Johnson & Johnson RED CROSS® Brand First Aid products and BENADRYL® Anti-itch Topicals products— you’ll get a First Aid Bag plus $17 in coupons in the mail and support the Everyday Care campaign. For every bag redeemed, the Topical Healthcare Brands will donate to Safe Kids Worldwide*.

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