ROAD TRIP: Day 6 – With a Southern Drawl…

{ disclosure : VW Routan was provided for editorial use by Volkswagen North America, Sola stroller, available for pre-sale in July at and debuting August 12th, 2010 at Babies ‘R’ Us stores nationwide, was provided by Mamas & Papas, all images used in coverage were taken by a Nikon D5000 – on loan from Nikon USA }

I am the type of person that absorbs the tongue of those around me and after being in the south now for 5 days…  The husband couldn’t stop making fun of me as I started inadvertently adding a southern twang to my speech.  While there were certain things I missed about home, I was definitely enjoying all the comforts the south had to offer.  All I could think about was how nice it was not to be in such a rush like it was back in New York where everyone seems to be running some sort of race.  I could practically see myself moving down here, living in a little beach bungalow, steps from the ocean if it wasn’t for the humidity…sigh!

Both my son and I do not do well in heat.  Both of us were suffering in the worst way possible.  We were overheated, sweaty and red.  I’m sure all the sunbathing didn’t really help either, but that’s neither here nor there.  My poor dear babe, despite the unlearned scratch instinct, was having the worst of it.  His skin was weeping making my main focus to make my son as comfortable as possible.  We’re lucky because despite the weeping skin, he was happy as pie just to be with his family, as we were to be with him.

We were becoming pros at the beach vacation thing in Hilton Head Island.  We had gotten our very own fully reclining beach chairs and colorful beach umbrella.  Being oh so clever, my darling husband found another use for our new Sola stroller by Mamas & Papas.  Probably not recommended by the brand, but we found it perfect for lugging all the extra baggage we had now acquired sans infant seat.  Everything fit in so lovely, and we wheeled the chassis right down in front of the ocean, making it that much easier to manage two children under 3 in tow.

Always looking forward to our next meal, our quick trip to the island Walmart yielded a local gem.  While chatting up the timeshare pusher standing outside, we asked him for his recommendations for dinner.  After mentioning all typical touristy choices, because I guess he had to, we had to go in for the direct approach.  We wanted the casual hole in the wall local favorite.  Swearing we were akin because he use to be from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, making us raise our eyebrows as he said “Ya’ll come down here much?“, he got a twinkle in his eye. He pointed us to a local secret called the Sea Shack where their slogan said it all – “nothing fancy… just good”.  It was literally a shack, slightly off the waterfront with a simple menu listing the fresh seafood catches of the day.  Looking at it face value, you might want to overlook it, but it did have a shiny “A” sanitation rating. God I wish they had that in New York… but I guess more than 90% of them wouldn’t pass.  The line out the door and alongside the entire building definitely let us know we were in for a treat.  Everything is served on paper plates giving a very picnic like vibe.  We ordered the Shack Attack which consisted of Oysters, Talapia filet, Shrimps, Scallops, Crab Cake, two sides and the best Hush Puppies we’d ever had.  You can get it fried, grilled or blackened — ALL delicious choices. You really can’t go wrong.  As our mouths drooled, we got an order both fried and grilled — not a bite was left on our plates.  It was soooo good! We had a total of 3 meals there on our trip, one of which was my choice for dinner on my birthday.

…the Sola. Our fancy new stroller was still getting double takes all over the island.  I really think it’s the print that we in the US are not use to seeing.  I wonder why, but it seems most brands opt to simply design in flat colors.  Some may veer into stripes, but its about as pattern-like as you’ll see a stroller get. I had one woman, obviously a trendsetter herself, remark that the pattern very much resembled something another MomConfessional favorite brand, Dwell, might have done.  Aside from me being vain about being noticed as the cool mom on the block, the stroller performs as good as it looks.  One of the things I found a must as a mom, is the ability to maneuver one-handed.  If you can’t, than the stroller sucks.  The Sola moves like a dream.  No more awkward, reverse and drive, reverse and drive as I attempt try after try to move it where I want to go.