@Ridemakers – Making Memories at FAO #BuildMemories

photo 4 (3)Bundle4_U_01Remote control race cars have long been toys that boys and girls of any age enjoy. As a matter of fact, when my son turned four years old earlier this year, he got 3 remote control cars/trucks as gifts. Not surprisingly my husband and I had just as much fun playing with them as our son did. When we found out that there was a place where one could actually create their very own remote control cars, I don’t know who was more excited – my four year old, my husband, or myself?!? It makes so much sense to me that this magical “car factory” would be located at the most magical toy store in the world – FAO Schwarz. photo 1

When my boys and I were invited to have the ultimate Ridemakerz experience at FAO , there was no way I could pass that up. Before we even set foot in the door, I knew they would be in for a real treat. Early Saturday morning, my son couldn’t contain his excitement. “We’re going to NYC and we’re getting to make our very own race cars, Mommy,” he yelled. Even though he played it cool, I knew my husband’s inner four year old self was screaming the same thing. You can feel the magic as soon as you enter the store, located right in the heart of New York City. FAO in itself is an entire experience not to be missed and Ridemakerz makes that entire experience even more amazing and memorable. We were greeted by the signature toy soldier who escorted us to the second floor of store where we began our Ridemakerz adventure. The manager, Charles, was gracious, friendly, and warm and made us all feel right at home. Together with Charles, my boys began their Ridemakerz experience and the real fun began.

The First step was choosing a “shell” for your car. They have such a tremendous assortment of car “shells” which range from shiny pink and blue to avengers themed racers. My four year old had his heart set on a yellow corvette and then chose a Spider-man shell for his dad. Together, they then took turns choosing accessories like spinning rims, colored tires and lights, and all sorts of car ‘bling.’ They even got to choose what color remote controls they wanted. What was really special for my boys was when they actually got to assemble their new rides! Together with the “mechanic” they screwed in the wheels, shells, and battery packs, and timed how quick it was to do so (my son beat my husband by 30 seconds). They even got to choose a special backpack style carrying case for their cars and remotes. All the remote control cars also come with a rechargeable battery and plug in charger. Finally, once we were finished with assembly and accessorizing, we were ready to race! photo 2 (4)photo 3 (3) I have to say, those cars can really move!

The joy I saw on both of their faces was priceless. Both my husband and our son were in their element. It truly was an experience they will never forget, as I’ve found all FAO experiences can be. I can honestly say that Ridemakerz gives you a real tailor made toy that provides hours and hours of entertainment to everyone. As a matter of fact, as soon as we got home, we took the cars out to the school yard across the street and took turns racing them both until the sun started to set. I think it’s safe to say that we all really enjoyed our time at Ridemakerz and it is truly something special to be able to share with your whole family.  If you happen to be in the NYC area, we highly recommend making a stop at the Ridemakerz shop at FAO Schwarz.  The experience is truly priceless.

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