REVIEW: What about BOB (Revolution Duallie)!

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So being a mom of 2 little ones (one of them a newborn) can certainly be overwhelming, to say the least. Between the bottles, meal preps, endless diapers and uncoordinated nap times, planning an exercise regimen for myself seemed close to impossible.

I had all these great intentions…

  • I will go the gym and take classes while the babies are in their childcare program at least 3 times a week
  • I will use the treadmill or elliptical that I have in my basement while they nap(ha! Like they will ever nap at the same time)
  • or I will get up super early and try that P90X program my husband always raves about…

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The reality was I so exhausted I wanted to sleep as long as possible. So the P90X attempts were out of the question, nap times have been completely inconsistent… and my oldest baby cries the entire time I’m in a class at the gym—making me feel horribly guilty!

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The solution couldn’t be more simpler, I had to start with the basics and enough with the excuses…good old fashioned loooong walks with my babies! We had purchased the BOB Revolution Flex for our oldest and loved it! If I’ve only got one child with me, that is still my go to stroller. The BOB Revolution Flex was what kicked me back into shape the first time and hopefully will do the same this time too! I was thrilled to learn they had a double stroller system, the BOB Revolution Flex Duallie side by side stroller.

img_1438With the independent reclining positions, allowing for one baby to lie back and take a snooze while the other can sit completely upright and take in the scenery, I have found I can comfortably navigate my precious cargo while taking some much needed time for me. You can adjust the recline with one hand! I couldn’t have designed it better myself. The multi-positional UPF 50+ canopies also allows for shade protection on those bright sunny days, or total privacy when you want to limit light or even wind to your little ones.

The Revolution Flex Duallie incorporates a back mesh panel when the babies are reclined to allow for ventilation , as well as a large viewing window on each canopy. I added the handlebar console accessory to hold a bottle for each baby as well as hold my keys, id, and cell phone (and music source) for my daily excursions. There are even little storage pockets on both sides of each seat pocket to hold toys,(in our case-matchbox cars), pacifiers, or snacks.

img_1444This stroller is relatively easy to fold up, ONLY 2 STEPS!, and fits nicely in the back of my jeep for those days when I want to take the babies to the mall or even the beach. There is a HUGE storage compartment underneath for whatever extras you need to tote along.

This stroller is perfect for jogging on or off road as well…all you have to do is twist the tracking adjustment dial on the front wheel for solid stability. The large, all-terrain air-filled tires along with suspension system are the key to a smooth ride. I’m even looking forward to taking this stroller out for a spin with my roller-blades on our local bike path in the park.

It’s also got an adjustable handle which is perfect for my more petite frame and perfect for my husband who towers over my at 6 feet 2 inches. I believe it has 9 different positions!

You won’t find a better jogging stroller on the market.  We went to several baby stores to try out their selection of jogging strollers before settling back on our old favorite the BOB Revolution Flex, this time the Duallie.

I gotta say, overall I am very pleased with this sturdy and reliable double stroller, as it has allowed me to find the time to take care of myself and keep the munchkins comfortable and happy!!! BOB…thank you for restoring my sanity through allowing me to get active once again in a way that is totally manageable!!


  • compatible with Britax B-Ready 35 car seat (thanks to Britax being the owners of BOB Gear!)
  • height adjustable handle with 9 different positions
  • the HUGE basket underneath because we have a TON of stuff
  • the air filled all terrain tires that really handle any surface so well.  The shocks are so great, my sleeping baby doesn’t feel a thing!
  • Super easy 2-step fold
  • The super easy recline button which is so great when my hands are full with Wilma (the dog), a stroller and 2 kids!
  • All the little pockets that my kids think are their personal pockets for their favorite toys!

{ disclosure:  Jennifer Hamburg, mom of a 2 year old and 5 month old, received a sample of the BOB Revolution Flex Duallie, as always all opinions expressed here are our very own.  She has been a long time BOB Gear owner and fan, this time upgrading to the Duallie! No other compensation was exchanged. }

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