REVIEW: Weil Baby Products

{ disclosure : samples received and coupons for free products were given to guests }



This past weekend I hosted a Dr. Andrew Weil Baby House Party with some of my pregger and mommy friends.  With all the hype over the BPA controversy — which I hope isn’t a controversy anymore — I was shocked to find out that many new, first time moms and mommies-to-be had no idea about the dangers of BPA!  Yes, I was even disappointed in myself, being their friend, not bringing it up sooner amongst all our talks about breastfeeding and getting ready for baby… how did the topic of BPA slip us?

I then slyly asked, so why did you want to come to my party if not to learn about the BPA-Free line of products… they answered… you throw awesome parties…  you always giveaway free stuff… who doesn’t love free stuff?!  I have to love the honesty of my friends.  They did also say that it looked like they were going to get some really cool looking bottles to try.  They were not disappointed.

I was definitely intrigued for my own knowledge to know what set this line apart for the bevy of baby bottles available out there.  With the name Dr. Andrew Weil attached to it nonetheless.  This man proved to be my lifesaver during this pregnancy when I was diagnosed with a severe case of pregnancy eczema.  I wanted to tear the skin off my entire body, but mostly I was concerned with my face.  In a desperate attempt to stop scratching I indulged in a FREE Origins Facial and Dr. Andrew Weil’s Plantidote line gave me some much needed relief — I was hooked!  So I asked Dr. Weil, what is this you’re doing for my unborn son?!  Forgetting about the snazzy modern design, it’s a new line of BPA Free Feeding Tools in both Tritan and Glass!  Also noted was that all parts are engineered, tested and manufactured in the USA to ensure they meet the strictest quality control standards.

Since breastfeeding has been a major topic, they were all happy to see that this system strongly supports breastfeeding first, and the line as a support.  The AirWave vent system effectively works to reduce colic, for some of us repeat moms, that was a concern.

One mom commented on the soft nipple, her having a newborn that was so incredibly picky with nipples, she felt it would pass the test.  Another mom raved about the wide neck which allowed for easy cleaning.  A couple of times it was said how very NY or Metro the design was.  We could see the Bugaboo mom’s toting these bottles around the city.

I was more partial to the glass bottle since I’m leaning towards using glass, but the Tritan bottles were beautiful and many noted not the fuzzy unclear BPA-free bottles too.  What is Tritan you ask?  It is a plastic made from copolyester.  It is BPA-free, Recycle Resin #7, impact and shatter resistant, dishwasher safe and able to be sterilized.  Some plastics with a No. 7 code are polycarbonates, which do contain BPA, yet there are many plastics in the category that do not contain BPA, including Eastman Tritan™ copolyester.  It claims not to retain flavors from previous containments ensuring a fresh expected taste experience.

Another warm-fuzzy feeling thing about Dr. Weil Baby is that all of the products and packaging are recyclable to reduce the carbon footprint.  We’re particularly digging the biodegradable Biomax insert that breaks down in water!

As some mom’s couldn’t make the party, that means a coup for you guys!  I’m giving away 3 coupons for a FREE Dr. Andrew Weil Baby Bottle (5oz or 9oz Tritan Tritan- your choice up to $8.99 value) to (1)  lucky winner.  To ENTER, from now until October 12th, leave a comment with your SAGE advice for a new mom and you’ll have a chance to win the Weil Baby Prize Pack. Get up to (two) bonus entry if you follow me on twitter @greenbaby_nyc and re-tweet this giveaway as well as becoming a fan on Facebook.  Giveaway only open to those with U.S. addresses. Giveaway ends on October 12th, 2009 at 11:59 EST. A winner will be selected randomly by and notified by e-mail.

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If you can’t wait to see if you’re a winner, you can download a generous $5 coupon off a $15 Weil Baby purchase at Babies R Us.