REVIEW: Tommee Tippee Debut

{ disclosure : sponsored event with samples received }

Yes it’s another product from across the pond.  I’ve said it before, but I love all things European.  Since it was a month before my due date I was so excited to attend the launch party for Tommee Tippee in the US, the UK’s #1 Baby Feeding Brand.  Little did I know I would be delivering later that week, see pic here of me ready to pop and at the event with @EuphoriaLuv.

While I was initially there to learn more about their Close to Nature line, I was surprised how much I was drawn to their Explora line.  I loved the color palette and the adorable swedish designs.  Having been given a generous goodie bag filled with samples,  I was eager to put the products to the test.  Not wanting my daughter to feel left out of all the new incoming baby items in our home, I was happy to see there were 2 samples of their Explora (Stage 5) Truly Spill Proof drink cups in her two favorite colors – pink and purple!  The colors are great and all, and if my daughter loves them, that’s even better.  But what I loved was the valve system.  An incredibly simple 2 piece valve system that was designed by a physicist to be both so sensitive that liquid flows on demand, yet truly spill and leak proof.  It snaps off easily, nice size parts, no little nooks and crannies that need special tools for washing.  Simply take apart for handwash or dishwash!  These cups have replaced all her cups.  She long outgrew her sippy cups but still was prone to spills.  This was a happy medium both her parents could live with.  They have 4 other stages of drinking cups for a truly progressive approach to proper oral development which I will be sure to use for my son.

I also loved the colorful food pots because they were just so darn cute.  But they are practically stackable, microwavable, dishwasher and freezer safe.  They are the perfect size, with a wide mouth for feeding straight from the pot for on-the-go feedings whether it be baby food or snacks for your toddler.  Their clever esi-mats sticks to all surfaces and works perfectly with their weaning bowls, esi-roll bibs and heat sensing spoons for a clean and stress-free eating.

Checking out their Close to Nature line, I wanted to know what makes them different than the bottles already on the market in the US.  Every bottle company seems to tout that they are closest to breast, so how exactly was Tommee Tippee any different?  What rang true with everything in their product line is that they didn’t just think about function, but took it one step further or as they say, “simply intuitive”.  Yes the basic functioning nature was met, but how could they make their product even better?  They took wide neck to a whole new level for a truly closer to breast bottle feeding.  I wasn’t too sure about the nipple but upon closer examination at home, I realized that the nipple was incredibly soft and supple as well as stretchable.  I have never seen a nipple stretch the way this one could.  It has the shape of a nipple that molds to a babies natural sucking pattern.  It has an anti-colic, anti-gas, advanced easi-vent™ valve and even a version for very sensitive stomachs.  I even noticed that their 5oz feeding bottle’s profile slightly resembles the star shape in the logo, anyone else notice that?

Everything in their line is BPA and Phthalate free.  Exclusively available at Babies R Us on January 19th, get in line with me as I stock up on our new favorites.  If you’re desperate to get your hands on them now, they are available for immediate shipping at, even better, they are 10% off for a limited time.  To see their full line of products including Sterilizing and other accessories, visit them at