REVIEW: Summer Infant Baby Pixel Color Video Monitor

One of the big ticket items on any baby registry or new baby “must-have” list is a baby monitor.  This item singlehandedly allows you to have peace of mind when you are not physically with your little one.  But searching for the perfect baby monitor can be a frustrating task.  Back when we had our first child, video monitors were not a thing and you had to rely on audio monitoring.  With the birth of our second child, video monitoring existed but the picture was never perfectly clear and on occasion, we couldn’t even tell what we were looking at.  Not to mention the ‘night view’ option on our monitor was subpar at the time.  These and many other factors went into play when we were researching baby monitors for our newest addition.

For more than three decades, Summer Infant has been a well-known brand that makes quality, affordable, and reliable products for infant and toddler care.   Having tested out several monitors in our quest for the most practical option, we found that the Summer Infant Baby Pixel 5.0 Inch Touchscreen Color Video Monitor (MSRP: $199.99) had just about everything we were hoping to find in a video monitor at a reasonable price.

There are a number of reasons why this monitor is pretty amazing.  One of the most noteworthy features to mention is the SleepZone Virtual Boundary.  The first of its kind, this invisible boundary can be set up around your baby’s crib and will alert you if he crosses the boundary (or if his curious siblings have gone in to visit the baby while he is resting).  This feature alone gives me as a parent peace of mind when leaving my baby to sleep while I go to get things done around the house.

Another great feature that My husband and I love is the ability to move and adjust the camera as the baby moves in his crib.  The 360Tilt Camera Steering is a simple as a touch screen on the monitor which enables you to utilize arrows to maneuver the picture and get your desired view at any time.  Believe it or not, even an 8 week old can make his way from one side of his bed to the other, so I have found this option very useful.

My husband says he loves that the adapter wire is long so that we can have the monitor close at hand while it’s charging, but I think it’s only fair that I mention that the monitor seems to hold its charge long enough that we rarely need to connect it to the wire during the day. 

If you’re worried about how you will be able to see your little one sleep when it’s night time and the room is dark, then the Summer Infant Baby Pixel 5.0 Inch Touchscreen Color Video Monitor will ease your fears.  The night vision on this camera is amazingly clear.  It even has an option to illuminate the area in view.

Overall, the Summer Infant Baby Pixel 5.0 Inch Touchscreen Color Video Monitor gives both my husband and I a sense of security that leaves us with the knowledge that our little boy is safe, content and sleeping peacefully in his bed and we can comfortably watch him from a (little) distance without worry.

{disclosure: I received the Summer Infant Baby Pixel 5.0 Inch Touchscreen Color Video Monitor  for review.  No other compensation was exchanged. As always, all opinions expressed here are my very own.}