REVIEW: Safety First with Safety 1st Pros and Munchkin!

{ disclosure: Protect by Munchkin Deco Safety Gate was provided to facilitate this review, the opinions expressed here are always my own. }

When our daughter was born we nonchalantly child-proofed our home with the attitude that a good parent watches their kids like a hawk.  So as long as we watched her, nothing would happen.  Ava was such a good child, defying all the usual child-like curiosities, she never gave us pause or worry.  We made minor safety adjustments here and there as necessary, like locks on our cabinets when she figured out that her snacks were inside, she had her very own draw full of kitchen tools and bowls to ward off any need to bang on pots and we put up one single gate at the top of the stairs so she wouldn’t tumble down.  Aside from that, we pretty much flew by the seat of our pants.

With the birth of our son, we realized we couldn’t be so nonchalant anymore.  Keeping an eye on one child was one thing, but keeping your eyes on TWO?!  He recently started crawling and with this new skill under his belt, like a typical boy, he’s a CURIOUS one!   This little one is drawn to outlets, loves chewing on wires, loves the remote, pressing buttons, banging on my computer.  He’s into everything!  Yesterday we discovered he could open and close draws and all I could think about was the million places he could clip his fingers!  He is the polar opposite of our daughter.

Thank G-d for the Safety 1st Pros!  Last month we were fortunate to have Philip Olivieri from Safety 1st Pros over to educate us on how to childproof our home.  Let’s face it, the average home isn’t constructed or furnished with child safety in mind.  The Safety 1st Pros provide a complimentary child safety consultation.  An average appointment lasts just around an hour, as they walk with you from room-to-room, pointing out the obvious and the hidden hazards, recommending high-quality childproofing products specific to your home.   They’ve got solutions for even the more unique home designs including my split level house which doesn’t accommodate the standard safety gates.  No challenge is too big or small.  When they’re all done with their assessment, they provide you with a handy itemized list of recommended products, as well as installation fees.  You can choose to purchase the products suggested  and install them yourself or best of all, the Safety 1st Prosoffers installation that very same day!

Philip was amazing and thorough.  He let us know that our pull cord blinds were part of a voluntary recall and were not safe in homes with young children.  He pointed out hidden dangers like windows without bars and cords we have seen so often we’ve dismissed.  He gave us solutions for keeping bathroom doors closed with handy flip locks at the top.  He gave us invaluable advice on which safety products works and which don’t — you know, the ones kids figure out in a minute.

We received the Protect by Munchkin Deco Safety Gate which blends the natural look of wood with the security of a steel powerframe and fit the decor of our home perfectly but couldn’t figure out how to install it in our uniquely designed staircase.  It was no problem for the Safety 1st Pros, the installation of the gate was solved with ease.  Perfect

timing too since the infant now is mobile.  With a double locking mechanism on handle its easy for adults to use, but difficult for toddlers and young children — yay!  U-shaped steel powerframe keeps gate securely in place while an extra wide walkthrough allows for easy in and out access. The gate is approved for use at top of the stairs (which is where we installed it), bottom of stairs, and between rooms for maximum versatility. This pressure fit gate also includes hardware for extra safety as well as an adjustable latch on the bottom to limit its opening to one direction or another. Gate is 29.5″ tall and fits openings up to 40.5″ wide (includes 3 extensions). Gate is capable of expanding to 54″ with additional extensions. Suitable for use with children from 6 months up to 24 months of age.

To schedule your childproofing consultation, please visit Safety 1st Pros or call 877-717-7823. Please visit the Munchkin website for more information on the Protect by Munchkin Deco Safety Gate and their entire line of designer gates.