REVIEW: Puj Bathtub

{ disclosure: sample received }

There is nothing sexier than good clean design… I am instantly drawn to it.  While I do love my share of cutesy baby items, but usually only up to a certain extent.  That extent is for the beneficial entertainment of my baby.  Otherwise if the majority of usage is by me or my DH, well good design usually wins.  I first saw the Puj tub at a Big City Moms event and was intrigued.  When the opportunity came up to review the Puj tub with a newborn on the way, I jumped at the chance.

My DH’s response at first was, we already have a baby bathtub that we practically NEVER used.  We found it easier and less of an ordeal when A was a bit more sturdier, to simply take a shower with her.   But when he saw it, it was more like, what the heck is this contraption?  And what fancy useless thing did I just bring into our house.   At the same time, he embraced it without a fight.  After all bath time was his designated (contributing/quality time) task since I’m doing all the feedings (on the boob) amongst everything else.    Figuring out bath time with our cumbersome old, and gently used tub didn’t seem appealing.

We both admit, despite this not being our first child, it felt so at the same time. Neither one of us was confident enough to give our premature son a shower bath and the Puj bathtub seemed just the right tool for us.   It fits perfectly in any bathroom sink with a few quick folds.  The foam is incredibly soft and shockingly “warm”.  I thought that was just a marketing tactic but in contrast to other baby tubs, it really is non-slip and extremely comfortable for an already awkward and nerve-racking baby bathing experience — picture mommy standing curbside wringing her hands while daddy tries to get a confident grip on a flappy newborn.  Made for babies ages newborn to 6 months, I love that it is anti-bacterial because ever since I took Micro-biology, I’ve become a germaphobe, and my little guy pees and poos whenever he feels like it, usually when we’re changing him or bathing him.

Once you’re done, it can be hung dry and stored flat just about anywhere.  I spied that it will also come in a variety of colors soon, although white is pretty sleek and chic.

Check out the Puj Tub for yourself at the new web site exclusively for baby bath tubs!