REVIEW: Orbit Baby Stroller Travel System G2

orbitbabyg2I received an Orbit Baby Stroller Travel System G2 for review purposes. No compensation was exchanged for this review. }

I remember when I first laid eyes on this stroller years ago and thinking what an odd looking stroller.  Needless to say with #1 and #2 I went with different strollers although I wasn’t oblivious to the buzz around the Orbit.  It wasn’t until #3 and my review of countless strollers, that I really examined the Orbit Baby after a lot of nudging from my husband and a good friend.  I have to say I now understand the craze over the Orbit Baby and why it was the stroller of choice for baby’s first ride home.

image PROS:

  • I LOVE the “orbit” feature.  Something so simple really is such a godsend.  It really makes placing baby into the car seat base in an SUV so easy.  Post c-section and getting into the car for the first time, it allowed my husband to place the baby in the car seat base with ease and allowed me easy access to make sure McChubs was snug and secure before turning him and locking him into place.  
  • Things like shock absorbers don’t really begin to resonate with you until you have a sleeping baby.  Their  QuadShock™ suspension is awesome.  As I mention in my YouTube overview, there are 4 shock absorbers in each wheel, making that a total of 16 shock absorbers, the most of any stroller and truly a smooth ride.
  • The one handed frame fold is no longer unique to the Orbit, but still really is amazing.  It folds to a compact rectangular size while its competitors simply just fold down.
  • One of my favorite features of the infant car seat is the UV sunshade with Papparazzi shield extension.  From day 1 it has been perfect for shielding baby from brute wind  as we left the hospital and later glaring sun during our first outdoor walks.
  • You have to give it to Orbit Baby, they’ve got some cool stroller accessories.  My favorite is the sidekick stroller board.  Siblings come in all sizes and my 3 year old loves to cruise along with mom and baby on his sidekick.  When not in use, it stores perfectly and can even be folded with the chassis.  Aside from the really cool functionality, we love that you can personalize it with
    he child’s name or anything your heart desires.  Even better, you can attach two sidekicks and accommodate a 3-kid family like mine with ease!



  • The biggest con is the lack of included storage.  While I found ways to make do — the pod is cool and all — but I certainly missed having a basket below.
  • While the low birth weight kit is FREE, shipping is $25.  I’m still left wondering when their definition of “low birth weight” is considered less than 11lbs and the national average birth weight is 7.5 lbs, why this isn’t a standard inclusion with their infant car seat.  With McChubs already weighing in at 8lbs 4oz, I still spent the dough (out of my own pocket) to get the kit because the husband wanted a little more back support for him while he is still so tiny and probably should have ordered while I was in the hospital.

The Orbit Baby Stroller Travel System G2 includes Infant Car Seat G2, Stroller Frame G2, and Car Seat Base G2 for a suggested retail price of $940.  The infant car seat fits a  child from 4 – 11lbs with the low birth weight kit and 11-30 lbs (1.8 – 13.6 kg) without and 19 – 32 in (48 – 81 cm).