REVIEW: My Little Pony’s RC Rainbow Dash Plane

{ disclosure : received My Little Pony’s RC Rainbow Dash Plane as a gift, the opinions expressed here are always my own }

I’m definitely living vicariously through my daughter.  As a kid my parents couldn’t really afford toys for us.  Christmas gifts usually involved more practical gifts like a new outfit and school bag.  But I do remember all the girls with their dolls, Strawberry Shortcake toys and My Little Pony.  Oh how I wanted ones of my own!

My daughter is a mix of girly and tomboy and the My Littlle Pony’s RC Rainbow Dash Plane is perfect for her!  Maybe I’ve been living in a bubble but this was the first RC toy I’ve seen that wasn’t targeted at boys.  I can’t imagine a little girl not wanted to have an RC controlled toy of their own.  I can’t believe there aren’t many more out there.  Ava shrieked with delight when we opened the box to reveal a My Little Pony gift.  Little did she know that it was way more fun than she could have ever imagined having only played with RC “boys” toys.  I laughed in amusement because my 6 year old was begging to play with it himself — you know, with a girl’s toy.  It was appropriately rated for ages 3 and up, with a simple 3 button remote that took seconds for the toddler to figure out without any instruction. Out came all her Pony’s and they took turns riding Rainbow Dash’s plane as I’m always trying to teach the toddler another socialization skill.

My Little Pony’s RC Rainbow Dash is being added to my arsenal of gifts.  Perfect for little girl’s birthdays, Christmas presents or in this case… just for being her.  With a suggested retail price of $24.99, it requires 3 AA batteries which are not included.

For a limited time, get $10 off when you spend $30 on select new items from My Little Pony at See details and restrictions.

I also spotted it at our neighborhood Target on sale for $18.99 – STEAL!