REVIEW: Little Mommy Princess and the Potty Doll

If you’ve got a little girl, good chance you found yourself with a Little Mommy.  I got a chance to check out Mattel’s new Little Mommy brand, featuring a fresh new look for girls’ playtime that celebrates the major milestones of motherhood.  These babies are born with style!

“A” loves her Princess and the Potty doll as “M” is just in the midst of potty training.  As any typical sibling rivalry goes, she loves showing off to her baby brother that her princess “goes” potty already.  She gets to sit her doll on her special potty to hear silly sounds and giggly phrases while her doll goes potty.  She then checks to make sure her doll has finished and the flushes to watch the potty go from dirty to clean!  I have to say that part was “interesting” to say the least and hopefully now she won’t forget to flush.  I love that it comes not only with a sparkly sippy cup but a “hand-sanitizer or hand-soap” accessory to enforce good hand hygiene.  If anything I hope “M” rises to the challenge and starts to go potty on his own… one can wish…

Equally as such, I was thrilled to see there was an Asian Little Mommy Sweet as Me Doll who is a rocker like my Little Mommy.

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