REVIEW: Getting Fit with @FitBit

I need to get in shape.  I’ve been saying that for a long time now.  I’ve just been lazy.  You know that downward spiral you take when you get into a funk and can’t find the motivation to get out of it?  That was me before FitBit.  I had seen FitBit in a magazine and simply thought it was the coolest thing.  I even ventured a thought that I might get more active if I had one and yet I didn’t even get up and get one. 
It was always that nagging thought in the back of my head, that maybe I should start running, maybe I should start eating better.  Maybe I should do something, anything at all!  My ever fit and sexy husband with those to-die for 8-pack abs always makes me swoon.  You’d think seeing that would be my motivation, but no, it makes me want to crawl into a hole and hide.  I once had a decent body.  I was no supermodel but I was always thin and defined.  I never had to worry about calories or exercising, until the recent years.  Sadly I’ve hidden behind my pregnancies and often placed blame on that for my weight gain and un-loveable handles.  Yes, the fleeting thought of getting pregnant with #3 would be the perfect disguise to hide behind again and put off working out for another year or two.
As luck would have it, when I started planning our R&R Suite my vision included a better me and a better you!  So I took that leap of faith and reached out to FitBit.  I was thrilled when they agreed to sign on and be a sponsor at our suite.  So was the rest of my team, who unbeknownst to me was also in the same funk. 
Super easy to set up, in just minutes I was off and tracking my fitness activity.  Combined with the Aria Scale, I was getting a complete picture of my health.
It’s hard to imagine but this tiny little device has done wonders for me and my outlook on my health.  At first I just loved checking out how many steps I was taking.  Then it was all about earning those badges.  I tried to chart my eating habits, but that’s not an easy thing to do.  I vow to get better at it.  I never looked at labels before but now, it’s the first thing I’m looking at.  How many calories, how much sugar and is there something healthier and just as filling?
My favorite part about FitBit was looking at my sleep efficiency.  I am a terrible sleeper and I already knew that.  But seeing that my sleep efficiency was somewhere around 72% was shocking.  It makes sense since we’ve been trying to transition my son to his own bed and not to mention still breastfeeding… but 72% was horrifying.  Sometimes I was waking up as much as 21 times a night! I sleep on average about 5.5 hours a night and that is not good either.  I have been trying lately to wind the kids down earlier.  Making the bed home base for everyone.  Every couple of days I try to go to bed just a wee bit earlier and make every minute count.   
I have been making conscience choices to live healthier, eat healthier and even exercise a little bit here and there.  For instance I throw in 20 pushups every morning.  If I’m feeling ambitious, maybe a 1-2 minute plank.  At night, I just started to do some tricep and shoulder exercises.  I might even squeeze another set of push ups.  My goal is to sculpt my arms.  I’m starting to see a little definition although I still need some of the arm fat to trim away.
This morning I forgot to eat breakfast and marched over to the Au Bon Pain in my hospital.  While I really craved a sweet cheese danish, I opted for a plain yogurt with fresh berries and granola.  A much healthier alternative and really quite delicious!  It was also a nice treat as we’ve gone completely dairy free in our home due to my son’s severe allergy to dairy.  I work 12.5 hour shifts and I’m assuming I will be pretty dairy free by the end of the day.
I’ve even opted to walk or take the stairs just to burn a few more calories. 
I was a little disappointed to see I gained 2lbs over the weekend while away at Hershey Park but it was Hershey Park.  I did walk over 16,000 steps one day though.  That’s got to count for something right?  The best part was not getting discouraged.  I went from the Aria Scale right back to doing 20 push ups and even threw in a few tricep exercises for good measure.  I sucked in my gut while walking from my car to work and sat up straight and tall at the desk.  Small steps, just like my small, compact FitBit!
Do I love my FitBit? Oh Boy do I LOVE my FitBit!  It’s compact and discreet.  It survived a weekend at Hershey Park being spray with water at every turn (although I don’t recommend going swimming with it as it is only water resistant, NOT water proof).  In the beginning I was obsessed with checking how many steps I’ve clocked, how many stairs I’ve climbed.  I’ve now mostly forgotten it’s there and it’s nice to see at the end of the day, the result of an authentic “me” day.  My only complaint is that charging it loses precious steps and counting but at least I know it’s in the ballpark.
What makes me swoon these days? When my FitBit says, “HI THERE” 
I am so excited to share with everyone the amazing little FitBit Tracker and FitBit Aria scale at our Trumpeting Media R&R Suite.  [quote]It’s truly life changing![/quote]